Origins 07: You Can’t Get There From Here

Man, I love 4th of July travel, in theory, because I have the whole day off and don’t have to worry about working eight hours and then having to endure a huge long car trip afterwards. This way, we can get up, leisurely gather stuff together, maybe run a few errands and as long as we’re on the road by a decent time (11ish give or take was the target for the Origins trip) life is golden.

Theoretically. This year we packed up all the beefy stuff the night before and just had those basic little last minute whatnots to pack and chores to do. I think we were on the road by 11 with intensions to stop and get bagels and drop off some work things at TheMan’s old office then wala! Columbus ho. We should have been out and gone in no time but for the downtown festival madness going on. Oh sure, light off fireworks the night before but have your little street blocking festival on the 4th. Thankyou!

We’d have turned here but alas.

Or here.

Or here – wait we did turn and STILL couldn’t get through town. We had to drive all the way out to the west side and then had to back track all the way back to get around the festiveness. I was snapping pics of our unexpected detour which made TheMan a little grumpy. He was all “Don’t tell them about us having to go way out of our way!” but seriously? No other convenient route. ARRRGH!

Even the zombies can’t get out of town. “Braaaaaains…that waaaaaaay”

Finally. Ohio. I noticed something – well two somethings – this trip out. One: Ohio has a lot of rabid Buckeye fans…more so than Michigan has either U of M or MSU fans. We were about three hours out of Columbus and I was seeing quite a lot of Buckeye swag on the highway. Three hours out from Ann Arbor will put you somewhere close to West Branch and ain’t nobody really caring what colors your car has there. I’m not sure if that’s because Michiganders’ loyalties are split between the two Big Ten (Eleven, Fifteen, whatever) Universities while Ohio can get all unified behind just the one or if Ohioans are really more rabid about their sports.

My second observation was that the Buckeye looks a hella lot like a marijuana plant. Just sayin. Hmmmm, that factoid may have just answered my question from part one above.

Also, Ohio is still flat. Yea, verily.

We had a bit of weather driving along and since I had the camera out, I decided I might as well snap pics. It rained buckets, but then cleared up fairly fast. Well, OooKay then!

More BGSU love for the Mumses. Hee. BGSYOU.

We pulled into town at about 2:40ish (Clock!) which would have been well ahead of time if we hadn’t caught the tail end of the Columbus 4th of July parade. And when I say “caught the tail end” I mean we were inching along because we were following the parade down the street. ARRRGH!

At least I got to see the coolest cooler ever. We got a cooler on wheels with one of those luggage handle pull up deelies (for dragging your luggage or cooler around) for our new Smithee cooler thing this year which I thought was cutting edge swank. Then I saw this guy and was instantly green with envy. I want a motorized cooler! How fun. WHEEE!!

Random ostentatious university building. It looks a lot like Angell Hall back home but not as rambling.

Here’s a University building (I think) which isn’t going to be a University building for much longer. Ahh, the progress of demolition. I wonder if OSU is going to be tearing this down to make a parking lot. That’d be a switch.

We got in at 3, checked in, loafed about and then came back down to get our parking pass which hadn’t printed when we first checked in. Why? Karma! Because…oh hee. Karma. Anyway, while we were waiting for the parking pass thing-it, I overheard a fella making reservations for a suspicious Origins-y like block of time. I figured he was making reservations for next year so I asked him about it. We already have rooms for 2008 and I was curious if he was going to get any rooms for 2008 since the block fills really fast. It turns out he already had reservations for next year, he was booking for 2009. 2009!!?! That’s crazy!

But not so crazy that I didn’t ask about it. Because I did. The 2009 Origins block was indeed open so I booked us some rooms. Then I asked about 2010 and guess what? The 2010 Origins block was open as well. 2010!!! We’re booked for rooms through 2010!!! I think I may have just blown all the room booking karma I ever had stumbling onto that bit of news. 2010!!

After our serendipitous room-fu, we bunched around and waited for peeps to get in. DQ and Tracy arrived pretty much at the same time as Dagoski and Dr. Wife but LunarGeography and Badmovie didn’t appear until much later. ARGH! Waiting! Hate! However, since we really never plan anything on Wednesday anyhow it doesn’t much matter when people get in except when a good lot of them are already in and you know that the last two people could be pulling up AT ANY MINUTE! But they’re not because they’re not HERE YET! ARRGH!

I don’t wait well for others.

Eventually we all were in one place at one time so we decided to head on out to Bucca de Beppo’s. Mmmm. Lemon Chicken.

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