Origins 07: More Than Meets the Eye

Aiiieeeee! Rechoosing! RECHOOSING!!!

Frightening! Although I’ve noticed that the Origins Organization Peeps are trying to make the con a family friendlier event and are including more little kid oriented events. There was a “Dress as your favorite video/anime/whatever” costume event (complete with prizes) and some sort of collectable card game tournament thing which were specifically geared towards the offspringage. And also Pikachu.

Also also, I think the official Origins Expo now includes Wednesday. Last year they had a smattering of games that began Wednesday evening (but I’m not sure it was all official like) but this year they’ve given up the ghost and annexed the whole day for gaming goodness. I also noticed that the Origins room block (for booking hotels) runs from Tuesday to Sunday instead of Wednesday to Sunday now. I guess when you have to get your game on, you have to get your game on. Regardless, the dealer’s room still didn’t open until Thursday. This year.

We got up almost in time for Free! breakfast but alas. The Drury peeps seem to think that 9:30am is PLENTY of time for breakfasting during the week, while we (Badmovie, LunarGeography, TheMan and me) are of the opinion that 9:30am is still a tad early. If I had realized that the breakfast cut off time was as early as it was, I’d have put a little hustle in my morning preparations because I just missed Free! eats by 10 minutes. Doah! I should have just snoozed in an extra half hour as sleep certainly trumps just missing Free! eats. I guess that’s the whole reason we bring food to this gig eh? Still. 10 minutes. Grrr.

Buuuut we were up so we eated our own foods and moseyed out to the dealer room. Actually, TheMan and LunarGeograpy opted to veg in the room while Badmovie and I hit the shinies.

On the way through, we met up with DQ and Tracy. Yay! Sadly, they were going the way we had just come so we did that ships in the night thing rather than double up on our dealer room perusing talents. Still, part of the dealer room charm is running into people you know while looking at stuff. You can see that both DQ and Tracy bought some badge ribbons from one of the dealers. Brilliant idea that, wish I had thought of it. I think the ribbons were being sold for $3 each yet cost (if I remember correctly) less than a dollar to make. They had all sorts of fun sayings too (both DQ and Tracy are wearing “Browncoat” ribbons and DQ has a second one that says “Ya Think?”) but not any that leaped out at me. “Runs with scissors” was the most tempting one of the lot but it wasn’t quite the message I wanted to flaunt on my con badge. Close, but not spot on.

We moved on to a booth where I saw this fella so of course I had to fiddle with it. What? It looked like the astronauts were separate from the buggy…

which was indeed the case but also – Salt and Pepper shakers! Hee! They were only $6 too, which prompted Badmovie to snatch them right up. Salt! and Pepper! Astronauts and Buggy! My favorite part is that the astronauts are sitting on the pepper (or salt I suppose) hole. Heh.

I purchased very little but managed to burn through a $20 in no time. Partly it was because I found a thing for my sis, and then I found a new Giant Microbe for the couch and then Badmovie and I decided to buy Dagoski a badge lanyard at the official Origins swag table. For some entropically bizarre reason, Dagoski’s badge would not stay fastened with the tabbed bungie strings provided by the registration peeps. I’m not talking “Oh, he got the badge wedged and then the strings were pulled out” kind of not staying fastened either. Oh no. Twice, for no discernible reason other than it was Dagoski, his con badge just sort of leaped from the fasteners to the ground. I’ve never seen a badge do that, so Badmovie and I decided the least we could do was purchase him a stronger fastener.

About that time we ran into more Smithee peeps. Cheeze! I sort of like how the paranoia sign is peeping over his shoulder.

We made a quick stop at the Looney Labs booth to check out the Fluxx promo cards. This lab rabbit is wearing a home made Golden Compass hat which actually glows on its own. Sahweet! I love the lab rabbits. We didn’t get any promo cards since they were selling them in packs this year and I had already gone through all my dealer room money for the day. Eh, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

We grouped back up, had us some eats and then trooped down to the breezeway to commandeer a table for button pressing. Again I came down with no buttons, figuring that we could press them at the table, but my PNiTs (Promotions Ninjas in Training) went bug nuts crazy giving away buttons even before we could get them made. I’ve trained them too well I guess. We packed an oodle of blank Orochi buttons and markers for a new “Color your Own Stupid Monster Button’ thing and got a pleasing number of people to sit down for some artsy time. We also caught the eye of one of the Origins planner peeps. She was so enamored with our “Do Your Own Art Button” idea that she asked if we wanted to do it as an Official Event next year. Uhhh…YEAH!

And also *squeeee*!!!

The bottoning went well but not past happy hour. Are you kidding? The Drury gives us free booz tickets with which to procure free booz during happy hour. Have I mentioned that we love the Drury? We came, we saw, we drank booz and then headed out for dinner and a movie. Whooo Transformers!

If you’re wondering, Transformers is a good flick and everything I was expecting from it. I went to go see cars, trucks and planes turn into large mecha critters and pulverize various parts of a city. What I got was cars, trucks and planes turning into large mecha critters which then proceeded to beat the beegeebus out of each other and various parts of the city. Mission accomplished. As an interesting side note, one of the movie previews was for this no-named shaky-cam piece that had huge growling explosions and lots of panicked people. We’re thinking maybe a Godzilla remake? The growling sort of sounded reminiscent of Godzilla anyway. We’ve been calling it the Blair Witch Godzilla project despite the fact that it has no official name as of yet (we looked it up on imdb) and code named “sugarblossom” or something like that.

Last year at the booniverse: Nothing meets the eyes.

Last last year at the booniverse: LunarGeography made off with the only known rum – which, granted, was in her deck – so we had no rum for…errr…whatever one uses rum for (in the game that is).

The year before at the booniverse: His face got all panicky as he looked unbelievingly at the empty bay and he started to mumble The boat. It’s gone! They wouldn’t have left us? But…the boat…where? The boat…

The year before that at the booniverse: I am not sure which was worse, the sporadic shift from full screen to multiple split screen for…ummm…you know, I really never figured out why we were shown some scenes in multiple and some not. It was that bad. It was so bad, I can’t even remember what I was going to say that was worse than that.

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