Origins 07: CHUPA!


Today was an “up in time for food day” which is always nice, considering they feed you breakfast for free at the Drury. They don’t skimp out on the foodage either: Eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, French toast, cereal, make your own Belgian waffles, various simple pastries, fruit, it’s all good. OK, it’s mostly good because the eggs? Pretty institutional. Then again, they are free so I ain’t complaining. Especially since the sausages are really tasty and the biscuits are nice and biscuity and if you put them together you get the best sausage biscuit breakfast sammich known to man. Divine.

After breakfast, TheMan and I hit the dealer room and were able to get down and back along one (boring) row before we ran into the dude who hosts the Origins Smithee show. Apparently, Scott Shaw had e-mailed him a Quick Time video (as Mr. Shaw couldn’t make the ceremonies) which was safely ensconced in the sacred thumb drive. The same thumb drive that contained the unfinished scripted patter for the show that evening. OK, maybe I’m being a tad harsh and the thumb drive contained the unfinished patter for the show we were presenting the next day. Either way, our intrepid leader wasn’t going to give up the thumb drive so he and TheMan scooted off back to the room to do some file transferring. TheMan then spent the rest of the morning working his mighty TheMan magic on it while He Who Presents went somewheres else. Probably back to finish the patter write up but whatever. The upshot is that I never got to look through the rest of the dealer room with my husband.

Not that I’m bitter. After all, it’s not like I mailed out the MegaMeta show discs at the end of December and the Smithee 16 show discs at beginning of May so that there would be PLENTY of time to write patter before Origins. Oh wait. I did mail out the discs a full 2 and 7 months before the Origins shows. So yeah. Bitter.

Buuuut I got to see this odd trio of people and snapped their pic. That’s a speeder bike storm trooper wandering around with a monk and his monk offspring who is holding a Monster Zero. That’s awesome.

I also picked up this Mexican wrestler game since it had limited tokens (from an Atlas (?) Games token overprinting) and also since we had our own Luchadore Ballot Collector this year. It felt like synergy or karma or something. Definitely something.

And here’s the new microbe. Polio. I didn’t do the dealer room for much longer because the point of this outing was to wander with my man and that went fizzley pop. So I wandered up to the room to see what my man was doing.

TheMan was doing TheMan magic for which he needed a DVD-R to complete the final step. LunarGeography and I needed some Starbucks (what? We did!) so we said we’d go out and rustle up some discs while getting coffee. Our plan was to ask the Starbuck’s people where we might find such a beast and then go get us one. For surely the Starbuck’s peep would know such a thing! Well…not as such. But they knew where there might be one so we wandered off. There wasn’t but we found a bakery guy who though he knew where a Kinkos was and they surely would have one.

Not so much. But! The Kinko’s guy knew where there was a CVS and surely they would have a DVD-R. So we wandered off. In retrospect, I’m thinking I should have asked the hotel concierge where to locate this critter because we wandered all over the greater Columbus area.

We saw a cool metal frog in a cool metal fountain on the way.

The bigger picture.

We also past the Church of Scientology for all of South West Ohio (or something) and stopped to talk to some protesting union dudes. One dude said he’d never noticed that there was a church on the corner while another said that he had never seen anyone go into or out of the building. Heh.

LunarGeography spotted this really neat bit of advertising as we were walking past it. I love it! The parts that aren’t a big giant banner are actually painted on the building and below the giant “spill” of paint they puddled up the parking lot and completely covered three cars in yellow paint.

You can only see two because the third was moved to a different part of the lot. Why? I don’t know. How? I don’t know that either. I do know that this was a very cool sight to stumble upon.

We also passed the capital. Swank.

Finally, about a mile of down the way later we found the CVS. Huzzah! We got the discs along with some cool refreshmentage and started the trek back. Eventually we were all in the same place at the same time and decided to do another day of buttoning.

Here’s the world’s most awesome booth babe modeling a Smithee button we gave her. The fella with her also has a button but for some reason he’s hiding it. I’m not going to argue, he looks like he could eat half of us for dinner and the other half for dessert.

Pretty soon it was happy hour and then show time. Here’s our favorite Smithee stalker giving Mr. Smithee a prezzie. That crazy Ty! We ran Smithee 16 on the off day (that being Friday as we usually run Smithee shows on Saturday. Which we were also doing since it was a MegaMeta year. And also also two shows eat a LOT of convention hanging time) so not as many people came to that one. We passed out badge ribbons which told us our max body count (heh) was 277 but the max voting count was only 228. If you remember, Ann Arbor’s Smithee 16 had a max voting count of 246 which means I got to realize one of my Smithee Promotions Ninja dreams: To have the A2 attendance* surpass the Origins attendance. It’s sort of cheating the way it happened because the Friday Origins show was bound to be the lower attended show but hey. Who says dreams have to be fair? I’ll take a dream fulfilled on sketchy circumstances any day. WHOOOO! And also that’s probably the last time that is ever going to happen.

(* Smithee attendance being determined by max vote count not actual body (heh – still not old) count)

We came, we presented, we did booz and foodz. Huzzah! And another Smithee year gone and done.

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