Origins 07: Two Shows is Like Work

The Sultan may agree. Two shows means he has twice as many “opportunities” for recounts. I do believe they did 3 recounts during one show and probably several more during the other. There was a lot of close voting.

These fellas might also agree that two shows is a lot of Smitheeage. They were so traumatized by El Topo when they first saw it 4 years ago that they felt the need to dress up. I wonder if they will come in Sombreros in 11 years when El Topo competes in the MegaMegaMetaMeta1.

We did booz and foodz after the MegaMeta show but the foodz never showed. Badmovie’s credit card was charged for 8 pizzas though, so LunarGeography gave the pizza place what for on the way home. Apparently, the person who took the order failed to hit the “let the kitchen know about the order” button (but managed to hit the “charge the card” button. Hmmm!) and the manager failed to notice the 8 pizza discrepancy and we failed to get any real eats. We had cake though. Whoooeeee!

The pizza place was very apologetic and offered to give us free pizzas. Sadly, the investigation into the AWOL pizza took place while on the road, which isn’t the most convenient location for free pizzas. Especially when the pizzas are in Columbus and the driving destination is A2. Ah well.

We had planned on attending a game of Schlock on Sunday (having completely missed that there was a game on Wednesday, which would have been the easier one to attend) but had to bow out. The show wrapped up at 1ish and then there was booz and cake until 3 followed by a brutal check out time of 11 and then a 4 hour drive home. We are not the spring chickens we once were and had to choose between showing up to Schlock or driving home safely. We chose the latter, even forfeiting the last free Drury breakfast. I was disappointed since Schlock is a game based on the Smithees and last year we crashed a game and had a lot of fun. This year, two shows sucked the will to game right out of us.

We packed up, checked out and headed over to Starbucks for coffee on the road. Did you know they have Starbuck’s drive throughs? I thought the 24 hour Starbucks was a bit extreme but now you don’t even have to get out of your car at 3am for your fix. Crazy! And also, Columbus is peppered with Starbucks. I counted 6 during my whole stay and really, I only traversed the main road in and hiked to the capital and back. Six!! Weirdly, Paneras were winning the infestation award up until the point we walked by the sixth Starbucks on the way to getting DVD-Rs on…Friday?

SQUEEE! These are the silly ceramic mugs I had mentioned (or meant to mention) a while back. They are patterned after the paper “go” cups, complete with the little check boxes down the side for shots, milk, syrup and whatnot. And also look! All three acknowledged sizes! Hee! I love these to pieces. Not enough to actually spend money on them but enough to giggle every time I run into one. It’s…just…kinda stupid. Funny but stupid.

AhHA! I managed to snag a pic of Peachblow road. Peachblow? What?

The Little Kitty makes herself at home in the MiniSmithee box. All your Smithee box are belong to her.

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2 Responses to “Origins 07: Two Shows is Like Work”

  1. Armando (aka Mexican hat guy) Says:


    Well we were afraid our pictures would end up on the web..and lo and behold! Speaking for our gang of 9 regular Smithee goers, thanks for the great shows this year!
    And since copying is the greatest form of flattery, we have been holding a yearly bad movies night ala Smithees, which usually includes at least 1 or 2 of the best of the worst…ciao
    Armando (with the bright yellow blanket)…

  2. Boo Says:

    Hee! You guys wrocked. I laughed when I saw y’all (and I’m glad the fourth guy who wasn’t going to wear his hat finally decided to, because the four of you brought teh funnAY!) and then I had a horrifying thought: What if y’all had been scarred by Soul Vengeance?

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