Midish July Green Report

Yeah, yeah, yeah, a bazillion very late picto-posts from Origins and then I disappear off the face of the earth only to resurface with a Johnny-come-very-lately post dated entry. My excuse is that I *hate* getting the pics all gussied up for posting and someone decided to go all Origins picto-posty. ARRRGH! It takes me for freeking ever to tweak pictures for blog-alagation yet I always take a million bazillion of them. Aaaaaaand I just noticed that some weird artifacting is going on with the most recent pictures so not only am I late with the picto-posting, but all my pics look like they were rendered with crayon. Why? I don’t know. I think things are OK before the big booniverse switch but afterwards the quality goes down. You would think that I would have noticed this really soon off the bat but it took me about a month before I became aware of the poor pictures quality. Apparently it’s going to take even longer to fix it as I am lazy. Sorry that. My humble apologies to you booniverse regulars.

And now I bring you a garden review. At least it’s something. My flowers are dying off in the front because something is eating the left walk garden (and refuses to die out when I spray it) and I’m not the most attentive waterer. Wateror? Whatever, I’m the gardener who is not out there with a watering can making sure my preciouses are all happy and wet. Nope. I am the Darwinator of gardening. That said, I finally have big sunflowers! They have managed to outgrow whatever is eating them (which is a different whatever than is eating the front walks) and now they are starting to look like proper sunflowers. I’m still missing the shorter sunflowers and at this point I’m thinking I’ll never see them. They were from fresh seeds too (this year!) so I have no idea what that is about. Everything else sprouted all happy and healthy (except for the forget-me-nots) and the majority of the packets had last year’s date or earlier stamped on them. Maybe I just need to use old seeds?

One of the reasons I haven’t been properly watering the front gardens is that I’m (still!) ripping up the garden where the hose spigot deelie is. Have I been working on this one area going on two months now? Wow. I am teh lazy. I’m also getting tired of ripping things out of the ground and I still have one stupid bush to go, a weed tree, some something-or-other hydrangea and/or snowball bush thing and another something bush whatsit. Couple that with the fact that it’s too late to plant anything in the front garden makes for a somewhat apathetic attack on the whole project. I was hoping to have the front garden all cut out and mulched up by the end of June but whatever. I guess that timetable has been moved to July and the July back garden project (which is more ripping out and not planting of stuff) has now become August’s action item. I had nothing going in August anyway, might as well give it a task.

Veggie Garden! When we left for Origins the corn was about waist high and just starting in with some top tassel growing action. When we came back there were tassels galore all over the place and the tomato plants had a couple itty bitty tomatoelets on them. My pumpkins were flowering like mad things (but no fruits yet) and every pepper plant had some sort of pepper on it. Even the chili peppers were starting to turn red. I was feeling like a true gardener until we went over to LunarGeography and Badmovie’s house. LG’s garden is not only all pretty, organized and cute, she has full fledged pumpkins. Plural! One is even about the size of a toddler’s head! Tomatoes? She’s got ’em coming out of the woodwork and they are nice and big and red. Unlike the little tomato nubs on my plants. She even had a small basket of garden goodies that she harvested because her garden is producing eats.

I have…corn tassels. Le sigh. And also ARRRGH because I want my garden goodies! I’m no good at waiting. At least the sugar snap peas have been coming in here and there. They are tasty too.

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