Sunday Best

Hooo! One of those coveted Weekend updates. Them’s collector’s items y’know!

Speaking of collector’s items anyone want to offer me a whole lot of money for a fairly large and well rounded Magic The Gathering™ collection? I was over at Dirge and Shar’s place and there in the corner was the massed collection of his and my cards which come to about 1200 different cards. That’s a lot of different magic cards and it spans from the deck right after beta to ermmm, the one after ice ages. Anyone? It has some fun stuff. No really! It’s very keen. No? Bastards! All of you!

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy my collection from me either. *sigh*

I thought I’d write a weekend recap on the weekend and maybe actually do some work on Monday. *giggle* Yeah, I bet you laughed there too. Anyway, we are gearing up for Origins (natch) so I got a couple more Hawaiin shirts. Makes perfect sense to me. See we went to Meijers for something yesterday but we went to the slum Meijers so they didn’t have half the stuff we were looking for but they DID have swim trunks and Hawaiin shirts on sale so you know I had to get a shirt. I only got one, at least only one on Saturday, and I got a wild pair of swim trunks for shorts (I love me some wild looking swim trunk shorts!). TheMan got a pair of swim trunks for their swimability and we each got some jeans shorts. I have to wear a long shirt because while my butt fits oh so nicely, you can fit several egg plants in with me at the waist line. I said to heck with it and got them anyway because I liked the way they looked, minus the serious plumbers vent back there. Whatever, that’s why I got the Hawaiin shirt see?

We then went to TheMan’s work and finished the rest of the Smithee DVD and made a gazillion buttons. DAMN we have buttons. Buttons and buttons and then some more buttons and just when you thought there were no more buttons HEY! Buttons. I made way too many of them. Eh, next year I’m not going to make even a quarter of the bastards. Oh yeah, and the 2 inch buttons were not quite so bad once I had had a little practice (try about 75 button’s worth of practice). I will say that I came out with 125 buttons out of fixings for 150. That tells you something about the defect rate. So we have buttons.

Today we went back to Meijers, the good one, and they had the rest of everything we were looking for and then some. I got a pair of boring plain khaki and boring navy blue swim trunks as shorts and was all sorts of happy because they are so boring they don’t even look like swim trunks. No shiny, no pretty, no dazzle just khaki and navy. Perfect. Of course I had to get more Hawaiin shirts so I grabbed a neat light blueish-purple one and a white with blue flowers and black outlined dragons. Very cool. TheMan picked up one OK work shirt and one incredibly cool work shirt and I found some sweatery work top things. Exciting no? Between yesterday’s underware (TheMan is set for about twelve years now. Shiny new undies!) and today’s work wardrobe I bet you are oh so jealous of my amazingly complex life. Whoot.

We also picked up a large trimmer thing and hacked down a bunch of treelets gone bad. The house looks pretty good now without the infestation of random trees. We still need to take a chainsaw to the corner tree and to the lilac bush but the slight trimming we did made things perk right up. TheMan is going to mow the lawn later when it cools down which should spiffy the place up even more. We are looking a bit shabby in the outside maintenance department. Eh.

Last, I loaded up NWN on the powerbook. It’s pretty sweet but I haven’t done much except create a character and putter around the first screen. There is time for that later, right now I think I’ll have a bit of a lie down or go bother TheMan.

(Hey, if you get a chance to try Nutella and Ritz crackers, let me know if you think the experience is a little like eating an Oreo but backwards. Mmmm, Nutella!)

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  1. Matt Says:

    I’m interested in your Magic Collection