Boring. Yes. Deal.

Harry Potter! Been reading that book like a mad thing. TheMan and I only have one copy so we have been tag team reading the book over the past few days (and one day where he read it to me). It’s pretty funny, actually, neither of us wants the other to get too far ahead (read any further ahead) of them yet neither of us really wants to put the book down. Thus, yesterday, TheMan read a good handful of chapters to me so we could both enjoy the book at the same time. Heh! Amiable solution no? Both of us like audio books and TheMan has a really good voice (he does a great “New Professor of the Dark Arts” voice) so it’s like having my own audio book (and he likes reading). It’s pretty hard on his voice though so tonight that probably wont happen. Instead, I have one last break and the time during dinner prep and AC install (ahhhh, blessed AC) to get far enough ahead so that when he reads later on (I’m going to bed early) he wont have gotten too far ahead of me.

Oh yeah, I get the books during the days because I take my OSHA allotted breaks and full lunch hour. Heh! So far, it’s a really dark book full of angst with a very large capital A. Quit your whining, like I let any secrets out you didn’t already guess at. I mean, Voldemort has come back in the flesh (book 4 people) for crying out loud; it aint going to be wine and peaches from here on out. Interestingly enough, Harry is 15 years old at the start of this book, which is usually a pretty turmoil ridden time in anyone’s life. Now they have all the You-Know-Who angst thrown in for a happy backdrop to the usual teenaged stuff that goes on. Double your angst, double your fun!

OK, you can take your fingers away from your eyes, I’m done about Harry Potter. On to Smithee stuff: We have gold trashcans! They are give aways at Origins this year along with the complete set of Smithee Buttons. What more can you ask for? One genuine pocket sized gold trashcan and 19 category buttons in full Technicolor. We are the giving away people I tell you! Unfortunately, the site isn’t yet updated which would be the icing on the cake. Since the buttons are being given away at the convention prior to the Smithee showing AND since the buttons also have the URL on them ( AND since there is a chance that a chunk of people will have access to the net then presumably they could come to the site and check us out. Except there is no information about when the awards are being held so while someone with a button could get to know all the history of the Smithees, they aren’t going to have an inkling about the current show. Such an advertising avenue wasted. Oh well, we have buttons.

On the happier note, I am considering bringing up premixed Long Islands. It’s totally doable if I can find a good container.

TheMan and I also have fabric! We went and got the length of fabric for the three brides maids skirts yesterday so another thing checked off the list. I plan on bringing origami to origins and finish my frogs. I have 15 or 20 of them so far so that’s what…60 to 65 left to make? Piece of cake! (riiiight).

4 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Susan Says:

    Theoretically, anybody who got a Smithee button at Origins would be an attendee at Origins, and could find out when the Smithees are from the Origins program book. Right? I suppose some ubergeekboy could run to alt.geek.culture.blah.blah.blah and post the url without any further information, but do you really want people who read usenet to attend the screening? I didn’t think so.

  2. boo Says:

    True, theoretically the show should be listed in the event guide and people could look it up and get all the info there but if they did happen to hop on the net they would see that the site hasn’t yet been updated. I am used to a much tighter schedule of timeliness in regard to productions (theater and communications background: You get your info out on time or bad things happen).

    Hee! I don’t know who is cozy with usenet but last year we had a guy who painted his head in Smithee slogans. I think the Smithee crowd is kinda weird anyway so would usenet readers be any better or worse? How would I know a use net reader if I ran into one? Do they taste good with BBQ sauce?

    I’m still in favor of having the site updated with the Origins info for a couple of reasons: People are basically lazy and I know that given the choice between rifling through the program guide or hopping onto the net and looking us up, I’d so be on the net. Of course I couldn’t find the Smithee listing anywhere last year so maybe it’s just my ineptitude for understanding the layout of the Origins book. Can’t do it. I’m also assuming that internet access will be present and easy to get to. If it isn’t, then that is a different story.

    The other reason is more of a personal reason for having the site updated. My buttons (my babies! BTW, 370 three inch and 125 two inch) are going to be out there in public with a link to a seriously out of date web site. It just looks bad. You know “Oh yeah, come to this great show that hasn’t updated its site since January this year.” *cringe*

  3. Matt Says:

    Well, I’ve posted a note in the guestbook, pointing people to the Origins info. I’ve also added a link to the ‘links’ page pointing to the animations I did, since the info is there too… Hopefully that’ll be some help.

  4. Susan Says:

    The buttons are, I’m sure, absolutely amazing and any sane person will want to pay you $50 for one. I think you should go Rokokyu on whoever is supposed to be updating the web site until they, um, update the web site! From Origins! Yeah! Twist their arms behind their backs until they just go and do it!