Ze Boring Weekend Recap

And also the unimaginative titled blog post. Nothing but the best for you booniverse readers!

Meh, I’m not feeling coherent today so SAST time for you. Lemmie see. I did one load of laundry this weekend. That’s it. One load of laundry at 10pm on Sunday night is the grand sum of my household upkeep accomplishments. I had meant to rip out that darned stoopid bush already and do the laundry and some tidying, perhaps some dishes but no.

I’m wondering if I’m feeling a bit under the weather because I totally lost the early morning hours between 8 and 10 on Saturday. I woke up slightly before 8am and thought I could maybe laze about in bed for a half hour before jumping onto WoW (the game). The next thing I knew it was 10am. What? We puttered around in Warcraft for some time and apparently it was so incredibly tiring that I took a nap afterwards. What? I know! Crazy. I think I was up for a total of 5 hours, playing computer games no less, and it was exhausting. After napping, we caught the 8pm showing of Harry Potter and the Next Installment and then…I crashed.

BTW, Harry Potter was a solid middle of the road watchable flick. It wasn’t grand and it didn’t suck and that’s about all I really have to say about it. I thought Transformers was a better movie over all, while Harry Potter had a better foundation than Fantastic 4 but not as much flashy action. I will say that I think Harry Potter did angsty better than Spiderman but Spiderman hit harder with the angsthammer when it was being all emo. I think that pretty much sums up all the movies I’ve seen in the theater this year. OH! Pirates. Hrrrmmm. Rank Pirates in there somewhere below Transformers but above Harry Potter for certain aspects of movieness.

BTW BTW – I looked up Helena Bonham Carter (because I always get her confused with Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Show (just…don’t ask) and…wait. I need a closing parenthesis here somewhere don’t I?) and discovered that she is scheduled to act in a movie version of Sweeney Todd! Directed by Tim Burton! Also starring Johnny Depp! I’m not sure if I should “Aieeee” or “Squeee”.

Sunday I woke up at 11ish all sort of twitchy-like and decided that I really had to bow out of badmovie’s game on account of my laziness. However, I did pretty much nothing all day Sunday too and I do believe I crashed early again. Did I take a nap? Maybe not. So that was my weekend in a nutshell.

Oh and Friday I worked, we grabbed eats at Big 10 Burrito and went to the Amber game. Big Ten Burrito (BTB) is teh awesome.

It’s getting to be Art Fair season, seeings as the fair starts this Wednesday, and walking in this morning I saw Fair sign. The barriers are hovering about, waiting to leap out onto the street and forestall traffic, and they have a good deal of the Food-a-palooza framework up. Urrrrm, the Art Fair people not the barriers. At least I hope the barriers aren’t putting up the Food-a-palooza area. That’d be different if they were. Sort of Transformery.

I did some reading on pumpkins and corns, as I have neither yet, and I’m pretty sure I know what’s up with the pumpkins. My first new bit of pumpkin knowledge is that pumpkins have male and female flowers. The flowers that grow tall on the stalky shoots are male flowers and the flowers that bunch down by the vine are female flowers. I’m not too worried about the male flowers dropping off because they sort of do that when they are spent. Heh. I have seen a couple female flowers all shriveled up though and that irks me. But! My second bit of pumpkin knowledge I gleaned was that pumpkins don’t like the hot weather when they are gettin their pumpkinin’ on and will drop blooms if they too toasty. It’s been pretty toasty lately, so I think my pumpkins are having a thing about that.

I think I’ve also figured out what role corn plays in the three sister’s method of planting: It shades the pumpkins so that they stay a little cooler and don’t shuffle off their mortal flower blooms. And here I thought the corn was freeloading. Oh wait, the corn was providing stalks for the beans to climb. OK, my bad. It’s the beans that are freeloading.

I’m entertaining the wild notion of saving some seeds from any pumpkins I get (if I ever do get pumpkins) and seeds from the peppers, which I do have. On one hand…free seeds! On the other hand, my pumpkins and peppers are planted (or are growing) such that cross pollination might be an issue. I’d be willing to risk it with the peppers but I’m not so sure about a luminary/pie/Jack-o-lantern. Again, assuming I ever get any pumpkins. Just for giggles, maybe I’ll snag some packet pie pumpkin seeds and plant (any) some garden seeds, see if the garden pumpkins bread true.

Hybrid peppers just sounds wild. Jalapeño Hungarian Banana Chilis anyone?

My boss is away at a conference for a couple days as is practically the rest of the department. I’m enjoying the quiet.

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