I am. I said.

What it is!

I am happy

All of the bosses are out for all or most of the day for training. This mouse is relaxin!

I am squicked

This morning as I handed TheMan’s coffee to him I jostled it a bit. After relinquishing the cup I noticed that my had had gotten wet, which I assumed was coffee that had slopped over from the turbulent transition. Naturally, I cleaned off my fingers “Mother nature’s” way and as the thick sour tasting liquid rolled around on my tongue I realized that it wasn’t coffee. Ew. EW! EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW! Glah!

No, I don’t know what it was. No I don’t want to know what it was. In fact, I’m getting queasy thinking about it again.

I am excited

Today is my last full day of work. Tomorrow I’m only here for a half day and by evening fall I’ll be all set at the hotel and be immersed in the Origins ™ experience. We have all sorts of goodies we are bringing up for to munch on that don’t cost a bazillion dollars and are healthy to boot. Keeping the cost down and the nutrition up and on a vacation none the less. Of course we are going to be going out to eat for dinners so the nutrition thing stops at sundown but still. I think I should get some credit no?

The buttons went out with K of K&A yesterday and they should arrive at the hotel sometime late today. K&A agreed to hand out the generic buttons on Thursday. They are so cool.

I am curious

Things have not gotten to a good start already for the Smithee Experience. The room reservations got all fudged up and tempers got ruffled and words were, errm, written and no one has yet to leave for the convention. Last year it was at least a day before any major squabbling got under way so it will be interesting to see how the pre show grumbles have effected the group dynamic. You stick four creative people with two or three radically differing ideas on one project that they all have dedicated themselves to for more than a decade and heads will be butting. Hopefully it’s all pre-sho jitters and no one resorts to homicide. Heh. Death by head butt.

I am relaxed

TheMan put the window AC unit in last night and it was a blissful nights sleep…for me. I guess I had all the covers so TheMan got a little chilly. I told him to just take his side back but he said he tried once and didn’t want to risk it again. Is it a good thing if your fiancée is a bit hesitant to reclaim the covers because his fiancée growls at him when he does?

I am sleepy

We put the window AC unit in. OH MY GOD! WE PUT THE WINDOW AC UNIT IN! What is that thing? What? What is it? What? What what what? WHAT IS IT!?!? Wake up human! What is that thing? That one! There! WHAT IS IT! Oh my GOD! What is it??? Hey hey hey!! WHAT IS THAT THING! Over there! That thing! There! Wake up! What is it?!?? HEY! What is that THING!! Human! Do you see that THING?? What is it? Hey!

Anyone want two cats? I’m not giving up the window unit.

I am antsy

We read more of the Harry Potter book. I so want to just smack the bad guy. Smack! Smackity smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Ugh! The book is still cool and still pretty darn engrossing (Smack I say!). We are about half way through it but I want to know what happens. Now. No not now, then! I wanna know. Arrrrgh!

I am hungry

And I shouldn’t be. We stopped off at Panera’s and got the usual breakfast thing. I got a scone and it was great. It was what I wanted to eat but I didn’t really know this until I bit into it. Ever have one of those food things where you are all “meh” about stuff and when you do decide on something it turns out to be the exact thing you wanted to eat even thought you didn’t know it when you ordered it? That was me today. Now though, my stomach hungers and there weren’t any treats at the meeting I went to. I was banking on treats people.

It’s just like the President’s thing yesterday. No cookies damnit! I was promised cookies!

I am privileged

Yesterday the entire campus was invited to an open house at the President’s place for juice and cookies celebrating the Supreme Court decision to the law suits. Pretty cool, the fact that the Law School policy held up (the under grad didn’t. Ergo: You can use race as a “plus” factor but you can’t generically assign it a quantitative value) and pretty cool that we all got invited into the Prez’s place. I had a good time wandering around and ogling everything. There is the best back yard to that place and an auxiliary back yard to the back yard. Heh!

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