Squeaky Wheel

It’s been raining like a Mother…ahhhh…hand holder? Well it’s not all boomy and storm nasty but it is a constant drizzle meh with gloomy skies though. Gardens seem to like it (especially gardens that don’t get as much water as they would really like to have) I do not when the rain decides to up and leap into my Birk. Six of one I guess.

I finally complained so much about the crappy pic quality at the booniverse lately that both TheMan and I couldn’t stand to listen to another word from me. Man almighty I can whine. We sat down last night and beat the problem to a bloody pulp and got us some answers. For some reason, my picture processing program (Graphics Converter, in case you were curious) just up and started saving crappy resolution pictures. I didn’t notice right off since I did absolutely NO DINKING WITH ANY SETTING on the program, but as of the end of May I’ve been blithely posting crappy low quality pics to my site.

I’d occasionally think “Woah, that’s not right, what’s going on with that pic?” but I figured I’d look into it later. Then I did four days of Smithee picto-posts which turned out looking like four days of crapalicious picto-blogging and I decided I was going to get to the root of this problem. I’m thinking that GC may have had some upgrade long about Juneish and that upgrade had different pic settings from the former GC. Namely it saved all my pics with the quality bar heeled well over into the low range.

I spent last night resaving the Origins MegaMeta and Smithee 16 pics to a more blog friendly resolution and uploaded the nice MM3 pics into the blog. I’ll get around to the Smithee16 in a day (week) or two and the rest of the pics eventually. It irks me that I have to take an extra careful step now and engage the brain when Graphic Converter is squishing pictures but I got some goodies in the trade off. I can now drag pics directly from the preview line up into an editing window. Whooo! This eliminated the crazy three window system I had working where I’d get the pic reference from one GC preview window, the actual pic from the card reader window and throw it into a second GC window for editing. That was a right pain.

In other fun SQUEEE yet gardeny news…I’VE GOT PUMPKINS!!!11!! I’ve been obsessively meandering out to the garden to see what’s going (or not going) on and I found not one but two little bulby pumpkin babies hanging out on a lumina pumpkin vine. The pie pumpkins, while trying their best to annex as much square footage as they can, aren’t showing any signs of pumpkining yet. But at least they are getting out there in the world, which is more than I can say for the Jack-o-lanterns. They haven’t strayed much beyond their pumpkin mound despite having the most room to grow of all the pumpkins. I think they are either scared of the world or scared of the rabid pie pumpkins. Go pie pumpkins go!

Ima waiten for pumpkinz!

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