Kidnapped? Mmmmmm!

Today was opening day of Art Fair so I took the camera in to get some snaps during lunchtime when I was planning to pop out and “do” the fair. Since I had the camera anyway, I decided to take some pics of the building. Here’s one of several (20? 30?) little stained glass insets all along the courtyard windows. They each depict some aspect of law (burglary, larceny, murder…) and have a cute little picture to accompany it. This one is my favorite. Hee.

Here’s another shot showing an Escheresque view of the library. It’d be even cooler if they didn’t have scaffolding putzing around on the stairs but still. Cooooool.

More library, and I wish less custodian. Still, I love the architecture of this place. If you are wondering what that line of fuzzy green whatsit is to the right on the large concrete wall, it’s a vine that let itself in from outside.

This is looking up from Sub-3 through the giant window well at the Reading Room. The window well has mirror struts at each pane division which is how you get that cool sort of broken up look. Also the giant concrete wall would, I imagine, be stupendously awesome to skateboard or rollerblade down. If you were into that sort of thing (and they would let you do it).

At about 9am, my sister called me saying “Hi!!!! (yes, she did use that many exclamation points) Call in and play hooky with me today!! Let’s do Art Fair!!!” Which all sounded grand except she was calling me at work, where I already was working so the whole calling in and playing hooky was going to be sort of difficult. I did manage to get an impromptu half day of vacation arranged on short notice so we made plans!

At noon I wandered out to wait for my sis (and her dog as it turns out) and took some snaps of more buildings. Here’s the same building as above but from outside and about 50 feet higher in elevation. Apparently, they are losing the artistry to make buildings like this so most of the newer buildings on campus look rather more like…

…this. Not bad, but certainly not gorgeous. Sigh.

My sis and her pooch. You would not believe how many people this dog attracted as we sauntered through the fair. We couldn’t go five feet without someone remarking about the dog or the shoes. So before you ask, here are the answers to the top five questions we were asked all afternoon: Yes, that dog is wearing shoes. No that dog isn’t an albino Weimaraner. Yes, that dog is a white Doberman. He’s wearing shoes so he doesn’t burn his feet walking on the pavement. He doesn’t mind the shoes much.

If I had a dollar for every time someone pointed out the shoes, I could have actually afforded some art this trip out! Crimony! Fortunately, 95% of the people were curious and not at all obnoxious (and rather fun to talk to). Rocky got a lot of pettins and was loving it. He and Sis even got interviewed by the News and WWJ radio station.

This pic I took because when we went to Columbus, we passed a big columned building on OSU’s campus that reminded me of Angell Hall. However, I hadn’t remembered how stodgy Angell Hall actually was until yesterday when we walked by it. I’m probably the same distance from each building but I couldn’t get all of AH in the pic. We win for snooty!

I was able to get all that remains of the Frieze Building though. This is where TheMan and I had a lot of classes back in the day. Now, it’s a lonely last corner of a building waiting to become a historical footnote. Le sigh.

This chair cracks me up. TheMan dubbed it an “uneasy chair” while I like to think of it as the world’s least relaxing comfy chair. Either way, it makes me giggle.

Whooo! Guitar Hero guy!

This is a scrabble board made out of leather. Wow (the expression). They also had Monopoly boards, Parcheesi boards (I think) and some other sort of board game board all tooled out of leather. I want one! Someday. When I have more disposable income. Swank.

This guy did some really cool painting that looked exactly like that metal oxidized stuff but was actually globbed metallic paints. Same effect, cooler medium. I was too chicken to snap a pic front and center so this is what you get: Ninja Photographer several stalls down.

We ran into this lady who said, about the dog, “I don’t see why he needs to wear shoes.” My sis was all primed and ready with a snappy “For the same reason you wear shoes.” but I was already laughing and pointing at the lady’s bare feets. Man, that’s really hard core to do Art Fair in nothing but your birthday shoes.

I’d totally stop at a place that had a giant Guinness balloon on their roof. Totally.

These were really neat wire people mobiles. When I win the lotto, I’m coming back to buy me a people-mobile to hang up somewhere breezy. As a bonus, the artist molds/spins/sculpts really fine butts for his wire peoples. Mmmmmm.

And then there is this guy, who is talented but creepy. That’s just wrong.

This is the same guy who did the giant spider and welded nail gorilla from years past. I always like to see what neat giant sculpture thing he has toted with him to art fair.

When all was said and done, six hours after I got off of work we had hit most of all four Art Fairs, answered a million bazillion questions about the pooch, and I burned the tops of my feets pretty ferociously. I tell you, I was looking at Rocky’s covered booties with envy those last couple of hours. We got to see a lot of arts and I probably don’t have to exercise until next month! Oi!

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Oh my word! That mantis is great! I want!

  2. Boo Says:

    I liked his spider better but only because it was about 30 feet in spider-ameter. A 30 foot spider would totally wrock, although I think the mantis has more detail and would be a more practical fit in most living spaces. Still…30 feet of spider!!!

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