Origins Day 1 (2)

Fun and games!

It’s day one of origins (well technically day 2 but TheMan and I came down last night an missed day 1 so today is our day 1. Got it? Good, moving on) and we are back in the room eatin sammich fixings and going over the stuff we bought or were given. We got a grab bag first on one of the tables just outside the dealer room. You always get a grab bag and it has some cool stuffs (free!) in it. This year (lemmie get the bag) Wizards of the Coast and Wizkids have imprinted a lovely bag with Oh HO! A newspapery thing just slid out with BOOK OF EROTIC FANTASY splashed across it. Heh. It’s a copy of the Gaming Herald. It has news and stuff about the gaming world. I guess they have a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets card game out now.

There are two comic books as well; a Dork Tower and a Knights of the Dinner Table. They are online comics I think. Right now, I’m punching out my free paper die from the James Ernest Games company. They are the ones who license Button men (which I picked up a promo button for and clipped onto my purse) and they told us info about that for making a Smithee Set. We have to contact Mr. Ernest himself for the specifics but we got one of his business cards. We also bought one of the Cheap Ass games called “Dead Wood” which sounds a lot like It Came From the Late Late Late Show. We picked up the four expansion packs too: Musicals, Horror, Space and my favorite, Kung Fu. We might crack it open and play it later.

TheMan and I handed out lots of Smithee buttons and got some promo stuff in return. I’m wearing buttons from Looney Labs, Button Men and a game called Middle management. We sat in on a game of Middle Management at their booth and had a pretty good time playing. In the game, there are task cards worth so many points and excuse cards worth so many points and boss cards worth so many points. The object is to be the last person to collect 30 task points and get punted up to middle management. Each turn you draw 2 resource cards (excuses or boss cards) and a task. You can either do the task and add it to your pool of task points or play enough excuse cards so that the excuse card points equal the task card points and pass the task onto the next person (who has to either keep it or pass it). The boss cards are used on other players to add more points to the task cards. I was the second player to go out (we had switched tasks and the guy’s tasks I got were arranged in sets of two, which were not groupings of 10 like I had assumed. Oops) and TheMan won the game. I got a tie. A TIE! I lost and got a tie. TheMan got Mardi Gras beads. I think I got the better prize. A Tie!

I bought a large sized goth Cthulhu and a plushie for DQ (but I’m not telling what) and a Looney Lab’s flower and the rest of the Apples to Apples expansion pack and some dice (‘cuz you can’t have enough dice). I might go back and get some other plushies and that pyramids game from Looney Labs. Oh, we also have to get the free Crononauts cards. Whee!

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