Garden Quasi Goddess!

Since prolonged exposure to Art Fair makes me itch, I decided to take the whole day off on Friday and not deal with it at all. HA! I guess art is good but four days of it can wear a soul down. Plus, it’s murder to get anywhere since half the streets are stuffed with art tents and they really do frown on driving pedal to the metal through the artists.

Instead, TheMan and I did yard work. Lots of yard work. I got up at 10ish to start the onslaught on greenery and didn’t stop until after 6. That’s a lot of plant murdering. I think I dug out a stoopid bush conglomerate, a mildly infested weed tree, some sort of pervasive twisty root plant and an ugly nasty Elm thing weed tree. That last sucker had a tap root that touched China. Huh, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot for having been out there for more than 6 hours of gardening. Did it really take me that long to yank the remaining greenery?

Everything that came out of that garden minus one that I think went AWOL. Mothers, count your children, I’ve lost a feral stump!

While I was uprooting burnables, TheMan was busy dealing with the brush pile until he wore a hole through his gloves snipping branches. He is hard core, folks. Since the rest of the brush pile was of a picky pokey nature, he decided to wander over and help me yank the tree that tried to annex Outer Mongolia. Fortuitously that was the last green thing that had to go so we filled in all the holes, smoothed the dirt all landscape-y like and called it quits.

Ow our aching backs.

After we cleaned up, I think we might have napped. Or maybe I did and TheMan doodled around on-line. No wait, CHINESE! Since I had to dig my way clean through the earth chasing a damned taproot, I thought I might as well place an order for some Tso and Garlic Ginger Chicken. As long as I was in the neighborhood I figured I’d get me dinner right from the source. Darned fine stuff too. Mmmmm.

It was even better the next day for breakfast.

Saturday was a day of doing no garden work even though I thought about it every time I had occasion to look out at our 95% finished front yard. Oh wait, the lilac fiasco. OK 85% done front yard. All I needed to do was plop down the border and toss some mulch on the newly made bed and wala! Except before I did that, I thought I ought to really transplant the crazy rosebush living in the left side garden that actually belonged in the right side garden but after that, wala! Of course while I was thinking of planting, it would make sense to harvest some of the left side periwinkle and transplant it over to the right side before mulching but then wala! Definitely wala. However my back was so not about the wala even though the project was this close to done. Sometimes you got to respect the back and let gardens lie.

Instead, we boogered around on Warcraft and then made preparations to go to Alessar’s party. He turned 40 on Saturday and I was in charge of getting crunchables for the gig. I also wanted to pick up the new Harry Potter while I was out so at 3ish I moseyed on over to the more easily accessible Borders and picked me up some HP love. I noticed that even at 3 pm, every third person in the store had a Harry Potter book under their arm. That’s fan love. I understand that they had a blow out gala Harry Potter book release celebration at midnight as well in which a lot of lot of people came and got them their books. Crazy.

Long about 5ish, we moseyed over to the parTAY with fresh breadbot bread and celebrated like mad things. 7 people showed up toting enough food for seventeen so we were well fortified for some Smithee watching. Alessar had a couple of male oriented movies which he was hoping to get an ‘Up the Rating to R’ clip from in retribution for having to watch Anna Nicole Smith movies a while back. Alas, there were a whole lot of homo-suggestive moments, but not quite one which sidled over into R waters. I feel robbed for I think male nudity is very much under represented in Smithee movies. Alessar was totally robbed because we saw a whole lot more of Anna than we did of any of the cast members in Saturday’s movie.

Sunday I got out and finished off my garden. WHOOOO! I might have spent more time than I care to admit admiring my handiwork. I might have even called TheMan out to help me preen about our new, beautiful, finished front gardens. Our house wrocks, despite a small miscalculation involving amounts of gardening supplies needed versus actual expanse of garden. I might have had to break in the middle of gardening to make a quick Home Depot trip for more supplies but that’s not the important bit. Focus on the done!!!

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3 Responses to “Garden Quasi Goddess!”

  1. Bubbles Says:

    Wow, that garden bed looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boo Says:

    Awwww, *blush* thanks. I can not wait for next spring and catalog ordering season. I’m gonna plant the beegeebus outta that mulch bed. Maybe I better start saving now…

  3. Sean K. Says:

    Why wait? You could fill it with bulbs in October and have lots o’ flowers popping up in the Spring.

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