Two Tootled Flutes

No, not like that, HEY! Get your mind out of the gutter. I cracked out my new flute for the first real time yesterday for a good half hour or more. My first instrument was oboe, and although I was never super good at it, I played it enough years that I am still really comfortable playing one. Or would be if I had one. My parents took a look at oboe prices and decided that I would be using the school instruments through my band career. Which is all fine and dandy but when I graduated the oboe stayed at the school and I haven’t seen one in about 15 years.

I missed music. I have a funny bamboo flute thing, an alto recorder (which has a more clarinet fingering pattern to it), a hammered dulcimer and a banjo, none of which I can remotely play with the ease and comfort of an oboe. Well, OK besides the alto recorder none of them I can actually play at all and it is frustrating. To have been able to look at any piece of music and play it cold is lost to me. I cant remember fingerings if I can get the fingerings right at all on some of them and it is really depressing. I know I used to be good at this sort of thing and now I really suck and there is no way I can play what I want because I don’t know how to play the instruments.

So, I decided enough is enough! I’m going to get an oboe damn it! Then I looked at the prices and had a good cry. Not even mentioning the reeds, which go for $10 to $15 a crack, I’d have to shell out 1 or 2 K for a crappy used oboe and I just don’t have 1 or 2 K sitting around. *sniff* At some point in time you have to weigh the price of your dreams against the oppression of reality and this one wasn’t going to make it. So I decided on plan B: a flute. They are less expensive and similar enough to an oboe (in fingering) that I could at least play it more or less. Plus I blow a mean beer bottle y’all. It’s a talent.

Then TheMan dredged me up a flute! He loves me! So I have a flute and I can play it and I’m all happy and now, I have my first gig planned. Heh, well TheMan’s mum thought it would be nice if we all took our various instruments to the old folks home when TheMan’s grandma is and played carols for them. I decided that I really needed to practice (and I do) so I cracked out the carols, warmed up the flute and had me a good fun time of it. TheMan even brought the key board down and we had us a regular jam session. It was a lot of fun, I had missed playing music.

So where is the second flute? Don’t have one. I was using my poetic license there, the second flute was actually a recorder. I dragged those down as well and did some doodling about with them while also trying to teach TheMan the theory of woodwinds. Being a strings guy, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to him but he tried anyway. And he did very well for his first tootling.

I’m playing music! I’m going up north for TheMan’s family holiday AND I’m still wearing sandals! I could not be happier. Have a happy Christmas y’all.

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