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I hear you that Little Kitty. Nap early, nap often.

Mrrrmph. I need a nap. A nap of eonic proportions. Buuuuut the Sixth Annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha is coming up right around the corner (this Saturday…yipes!) and the house needs a good scrubbing. No rest for the weary. Except the cats, they have it good sometimes.

My gardens are going well-ish. I found another little Lunia pumpkinlet (YAY!) but the smaller of the first two pumpkins is yellowing and probably dying (boo). My bigger pumpkinlet is about the size of a handball though and growing nicely. WHOOO! All the corn plants have silks and I can actually see the corn ears now. We could have a pretty awesome stir-fry if we wanted cuz we gots baby corn! However, I’m going to let them mature so we can have fresh home grown grilled corn. Mmmmm!

My tomato plants are also getting along with the tomatoing but the plants themselves aren’t as nicely dark green as I think they ought to be. MomQ gave me a yellowing tomato plant fix, which I used a little over a week ago but it doesn’t seem to have improved their demeanor much. So far, they appear OK if a little on the not so robust side. The fruit, on the other hand, is going strong. Anyone ever had fried green tomatoes? Are they good? I’m tempted to try them out on one or two of our happy fruits.

The new front garden is also doing quite well. My crazy transplanted rose bush doesn’t even seem to realize that it was transplanted for it’s humming along with happy leaves and no sign of wilt whatsoever. It even popped a bloom this morning. Not that I’m complaining, it’s about the only rose bush that’s not wilting or dying. Damn rosebush eating bugs, GET OUT OF MY GARDEN! The periwinkle is mostly surviving so far. I think of the nine plants I transplanted, five for sure are clam happy, the other four may need babying. We shall see. It’s not like I can’t booger over to the other garden and clip me off more plants.

I can so not wait until next year and plant catalog ordering season!

It looks like the Bru-ha-ha (which I mentioned above as being the thing that is keeping me from a nap) is going to be well populated again this year. Huzzah! We had wanted to have the downstairs bathroom done before then but (again) not this year. Apparently, leaving quick-crete or whatever it is that is a component in grout over long in a damp garage results in a solid bag shaped block of impenetrableness. Who knew? And also, our garage seems to be damp which is, I guess, good to know? Anyway, the downstairs bathroom is at least further along this year than it had been. TheMan has been outside cutting tiles like a mad thing and he finished off all the wall stuff. It looks tres quasi finished. I think we ought to have it done by Christmas for sure since we don’t have the condo fixing up over our heads. Yup, we got to check that project off the to-do list. (OK, in reality, TheMan got that item checked off the list. He’s been working like a home renovator possessed!).

Now all that needs to be done is cleaning, more cleaning, most cleaning and shopping. Fortunately, someone has a half day of vacation on Friday. WHOOOO!

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