It’s Our Party and We’ll Grill if We Want to

This past weekend was the Sixth Annual Q-house Beach Party Bru-ha-ha, or just the Bru-ha-ha for short.

In celebration, and because who wouldn’t if they had the time, I took a half day off of work and went shopping! Well, OK I wouldn’t necessarily take a half day off to go shopping but I would totally take a half day off of work for parTAY prep. Which included shopping so yeah. I guess I did take a half day for shopping. Ugh.

But it was all food shopping, which I can tolerate for much longer than clothes or stuff shopping. I hate to say it, but sometimes I even get twitchy plant shopping. I know! I’m just not much of a shopper at heart but something about having a planned meal thing and getting supplies for that makes wading in and among people more tolerable. Still, I’m pretty much a one shop stopper so when I went to K-Roget’s I was hoping they had everything I needed because otherwise I’d have to backtrack to Hiller’s for the more esoteric items. If there’s one thing I dislike more than two store shopping, it is having to backtrack to get to that second store.

So of course I wound up having to hit both stores. When the K-Roget’s…associate? What do they call their employees? Anyway, when they said “Haloumi what?” I knew I was in for a second trip. I even briefly considered not getting haloumi at all but TheMan loves him the haloumi and this was, after all, his birthday present. Hiller’s not only had haloumi, like they always do, but they carry all sorts of various tasty fun beers and really, how can you leave without a six pack of Sierra Nevada Summer something ale? It can not be done.

Three hours later I had all the parTAY items and it was time to go home and…nap! Heh. What? Shopping tires me out. We spent Friday night cleaning like mad things and got the house…shape. Really, the only things I had left to do, by 3pm mind you, was launder the couch covers, swiffer the floor, vacuum the couches, stairs and upstairs and finish up a load of dishes. TheMan mapped out his day with mowing and outside parTAY prep. We had planned on getting up at 8am, actually got rolling at 8:30am (not half bad!) and were working up to the time of the parTAY.

Why? It shouldn’t take six hours to run a load of laundry, vacuum, swiffer and do a load of dishes but somehow it did. My theory is that stuff expands to fill the time so even if I only had to do a single load of dishes it would have taken me six and some hours to do it. That and the various side tasks that pop up like cleaning the fridge. It wasn’t on the list but I had Windex, paper towel and a dirty fridge so cleaned it was. I will say that the chunking away at the upstairs has made it a whole lot more spacious once we condensed all the random miscellaneous stuff into one or two areas. Holy cow, we have an upstairs!

We also have a downstairs and let me tell you, I swiffered that puppy to within an inch of its hardwood life. I think I went through an entire box of swiffers but you could eat off that floor when I was done. Provided you don’t mind your food tasting a little lemony fresh. Then at 3, when I was thinking that I ought to sweep off the driveway, our first guest arrived. He brought me a plant. SQUEEE! It was a pretty orange bromeliad thing which sat nicely on our sawhorse table. We pulled out the big guns and set up the saw horses with a plank of wood and a sheet table cover for the foodage and whatnot. It worked really well and looked stunning with my two hostest gift plants.

Oh yes, I got two plants. Well, technically they were for both TheMan and I but you know who’s going to claim them as her own. Don’t worry, TheMan has visiting rights. My second plant was an outdoorsy plant called “obedience” and it came by the way of Mr. Paul’s folks place. I have no idea where I’m going to put it but I’d best get that last garden cut out and mulched up because I think that’s where it’s going to go. For the parTAY it graced the other side of the table and it will probably live in its pot on the porch until such time as I have cleared a space to plant it.

The ParTAY itself went smashingly well. Everyone who said they were going to come did which turned out to be about 25 people. We had quite a lot of new people too, Mr. Paul’s folks, TheMan’s former boss (I got yelled at for calling him “TheMan’s old boss”), Scott C and fam, and Ken and Jason. Jason brought the best seven layer dip that disappeared faster than you can say “Watch the fingers!” and Mumses and Mr. Paul brought the usual and very tasty pig on a stick. In fact, they brought enough pig on a stick to feed themselves and practically everyone else. Mmmm. I had two.

I think the festivities lasted longer this year since the main parTAY didn’t break up until shortly before nine. After that we watched a Smithee flick with the last few parTAY stragglers and called it good. I think we can chalk this year’s bru-ha-ha up as a success. Next year we plan to have the downstairs bathroom done and we might try moving everything to the back yard seeings as half the people wind up there anyway. Always looking to improve a good time. Heh.

Sunday we recouped, played a little WoW (the game), I baked a cake because there was frosting and we went to badmovie’s game. Not to shabby a weekend.

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