A Little Bit Older

Happy birthday to my favorite husband. TheMan turned 36 this morning at 6am but we thought we might start the celebrating a tad later. Say 6:15ish.

Why can’t birthdays all fall on weekends so they can be celebrated properly with a good sleeping in?

Anyway, I got up and made my aged husband some scrambled cheesy eggs with onions leftover from the bru-ha-ha and peppers that were supposed to be leftover from the bru-ha-ha except I forgot to prep them. So…ummm…they were totally for cheesy onion pepper eggs for my man’s birthday. Yeah. That’s my story. We had fresh brewed delicious coffee with our eggs and then…I had to go to work. Bah.

Our plans for celebrating were fairly low keyed; maybe some take out pizza or Chinese or even BTB and then maybe some Harry Potter or Warcraft. Sadly we didn’t get our BTB fix because the city is ripping up the road in front of the store which makes it nigh impossible to get to. And if you ever do get there you might well find that most of the business have closed up shop while the construction prevents most sane people from patronizing their establishments. I guess I at least know now where the second BTB is. I really kinda wanted a burrito though.

TheMan celebrated by doing some final bru-ha-ha cleanup and then throwing his back out. Happy birthday to him. At least Chinese food still delivered and I stopped by Stucchi’s for some tasty ice cream.

Happy 36th babe, I hope it gets better.

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