Origins 2(3)

The early bird gets, ummm, well not a lot of news yet.

Hey ho, day two (three) of Origins. It’s actually really early into day two slash three (8:55) so nothing terribly noteworthy has gone on other than I tried out the complimentary hot breakfast. I mean, they are offering it free right? And since yesterday we got up a half hour too late to partake I decided that today I’d check it out. It’s not too bad. They have two baskets of sweety things, donuts, muffins, fritters and the like and then they have errrr hot dish thingies (chaffing? Or is that separating the wheat and stem? Or is that rubbing really hard? Well the French word for big ol’ hot dish, whatever that may be) with biscuits, sausage, eggs and French toast in them. Well not all in one (ew), there is this really cool table that has eight dish whatsits built right into it (looks like some sort of weird lab table when it’s all shut down and people aren’t pulling eggs or whatnot out of it).

Beyond the silver dishes of hot table they have the usual offerings of cereal and coffee and juice (but orange juice appears not to be working. I had to settle for appa’ juice today. It was still good, but no glass of OJ sadly). While looking for juice I spotted these cups of what looked like egg nog hanging around and it took me a moment to realize they were single sized servings of waffle batter. YUM! I guess if I had looked just a tad bit further I would have seen the waffle makers and added two and two but I also could have walked off with a cup o’ liquid waffle. The makers are very strange looking round things that I can’t say immediately jumped out and said “waffle maker” to me. I opted for eggs and some southwestern sauce, French toast and a muffin. It was quite tasty.

Oddly, gamers get up quite early it seems because this place is bustin with people. I guess you just can’t miss an opportunity to play in some sort of game thing. Oh, speaking of game things we play tested our copy of Deadwood last night. Great game! You start out as a level 2 actor extra in the trailers of the Deadwood lot. The lot (playing board) consists of a bunch of set locations (7? 10? Not exactly sure) and to play you put one scene card per location face down on the location. When someone moves onto the set they flip the card over and see what’s being shot on that set. The sets all have spaces (rank 1-3) for actors and the set cards typically have 2-4 spaces (1-6) for actors so when you saunter onto a set and there is an open spot equal to your rank, you can take that spot and work on that shot. You can also take spots lower than your rank but you lose status if you do and when the scene is finished you retain the lower rank.

The scenes all have budget numbers (2-6) and while you are working on a scene, you roll a dice against the budget number to see if the scene progresses for your turn. If you roll the budget number or higher than the scene progresses (the scene locations have spots you slide the scene onto that say “scene 1”, “scene 2”, “scene 3” and/or “wrap”) and if you roll and wrap up these scene, you get a screen credit (half if you were working as an extra and off the card, full if you were cast as a leading character on the card). You also get paid. The people off the scene card get one dollar (or one million, one unit of money whatever way you are counting) per turn they were on the scene, the actual cast members get a number of dice equal to the wrappers rank plus the budget amount of money units. So, if you are a low rank, you typically make more money on big budget scenes by being an extra but if you upgrade your rank you get a lot more money being in the film. We played for 3 hours last night and had a blast. Hee, I won too but I was not so far ahead of A of K&A. It was close.

Wow, a whole lot of writing about not a whole lot. Today is Smithee night so I may not get the chance to update again until later or tomorrow (when we come home). Today we are going to prowl the dealer room again, pick up a game or two and possibly buy a very cool shirt for Dirge. I’m going to have to find something equally amusing for Shar as well. Oh! Did I mention the stuffed bacteria? I bought some stuffed bacteria for Dirge and Shar’s kids as well as one for the couch critters. TheMan and I are now proud owners of a cute stuffed purple mononucleosis bacteria (it has adorable fluttery eyes). Hee! For the kids we got a strep throat bug, a flu bug (it looks like a green melon) and a dysentery bug. Hee! I think it’s a riot. On the down side, when we went to get more flowers at the looney labs booth they suddenly decided that the limit was one instead of two and we weren’t granfathered in (we had flowers in our hand already). Bastards. I was kinda ticked at that. Oh well. Laters, I’m going to play a bit of NWN and then go back up to the room.

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  1. j Hultgren Says:

    The mono bug you talked about, where did you get it? I saw them in the campus bookstore of UCSF last August, but my mom says they’re not there anymore and I would love to get one for my bf on Vday (and obviously i’m running out of time).

    If you could email me with any info I would so love you for it.

    Thank you