One Last Letter to G’ma

My grandma passed away towards the end of last month and it’s been sort of a melancholy-sweet kind of thing. That’s like bittersweet but not so much with the badness. G’ma had been failing for quite some time and at the end I’m not sure she knew where or even who she was. Mumses said she wasn’t in pain or frightened, which is good, but she also couldn’t see, eat or move unassisted, and was on quite a bit of medication. For the past year G’ma was either sleeping most of the time or hanging around in a fog until she fell asleep which really isn’t much of a life. At least now she’s free to go hang with her friends, sibs and husband who all died before she did and give them a piece of her mind. She’d totally do that too.

Anyway, I thought I’d write her one last letter.

Dear G’ma,

Hello! Gah, it’s been nasty humid up here these past couple of days but today it’s especially uuugly. I’m pretty sure the humidity inside the building is about 400% and I’m told that it is a lot more pleasant outside than in. I’m half expecting it to start raining in my office. Yuck.

Mumses and Mr. Paul went down to your apartment last week (end of July) to tidy it up and also to bring up the rest of the furniture and belongings. I think Uncle Jim was down earlier to get some stuff but he overlooked some photo albums and other things that my mumses brought back. I found a ton of pictures of Jimmy and Kyle that I’m planning on sending to him. Jimmy that is. I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy getting pics of him and his baby boy at the garden house if you hadn’t already sent him a copy. Also, thanks for meticulously labeling all the pictures because I can’t tell one blond second cousin from another and all Jimmy’s kids are blond.

I took a couple photos from the stash to keep, mostly ones that reminded me of the house on the Coosa River. I’ll always be sad that my husband will never know your old house and all the memories it has for me, and my blathering isn’t a really good substitute for actually being there. The pics are at least somewhat better so although I might have taken some really boring pictures to some people, they remind me of all the times we came down to visit.

I was trying to explain the yard to my husband; how there were three kind of distinct areas; the groomed lawn and gardens around the house, the somewhat planted and managed wilder areas beyond that and then the woods down to the river.

I remember that we kids weren’t allowed beyond the somewhat planted wilder areas and I can only remember seeing the river up close and personal once. Oooo! I almost forgot! We found the bill of sale for the lot and were amused that you only paid $100 for 4 acres of riverfront property. My mumses said that it was an incentive package from KC to woo Grandpa down to work for them in the south. I guess it worked.

We also found the three score insurance photos that Grandpa took of the Toby Jugs and plates. Here’s one of the bonus shots with that incredibly valuable pink thing off to the side. You had a ton of them all over the house! Hee. We teased Grandpa about that for years.

There it is again!!! BTW, I have that rocking chair in my living room but no special giant pink thing.

Just in case you were wondering about them, the Toby Jugs have been divided between my mumses and Uncle Jim with little to no ruffled feathers. I remember how ugly things got over the division of Marge’s Toby Jugs and how you were livid for years and years about it. I thought I’d let you know that there has been no such drama over yours. I’m going to have to ask mumses what happened to the Tinys because of all the mugs, the little guys remind me most of you. If I remember correctly, they split them even Steven.

Mumses brought back a lot of lot of furniture. My husband and I got the sideboard (also called a buffet I think), the dry sink, a small chest of drawers which I think my mumses has the twin of, a drop leaf kitchen table that folds up pretty narrow, and a card table and chairs.

I had to look up what a dry sink was. I think I remember this hanging out in the dining room (the room us kids were always yelled at for boogering around in) along with the sideboard (or buffet). I’ve never had fancy furniture that I had to look up the name and function for before! I also took the silver tea service, as you can see. I’ll admit that the basement isn’t the most ideal place for all this but for now it’s the only place in our house that has the room.

By the way, our china matches the silver set quite nicely. The pattern we picked out is a really simple plain bone china with silver accent rings around the edge. When we unpacked the box of silver and moved it and the china into the dry sink, we discovered that the two sets compliment each other most excellent like. Plus, not only do I now have a silver coffee pot, but I have a silver tea pot that looks like a genie lamp. AND! The only overlap between the two is the creamer and sugar bowl so bonus there. I could have a real fancy shmancy dinner party complete with tea or coffee service.

Poor mumses is about beside herself with the rest of the stuff they brought up. She pretty much had her house about as full as a house could comfortably be and now she has to figure out what to do with all the things they brought up from Alabama. She wanted to show me a mirror she thought I should have (the one in the guest room with the balcony) and the poor room looks like a tornado ran through a cabinet maker’s shop. It has the queen sized bed, hope chest, night stand, dresser, full length mirror and book case it’s always had plus an additional dresser, wall mirror, two night stands and a chest of drawers. That’s just one room too, there’s stuff everywhere. Poor mumses.

Don’t worry, Sis got some things too. I think she’s taking the dining room table and chairs and she got some photos as well.

OK, looks like I’m reaching the end of the page so I’ll sign off.


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