Management Material

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
creeps in this petty pace from day to day.


I am a depressed puppy today. I had a very good vacation though, so all is not a total loss, but arrrgh! I hate coming back to disgruntledness. I got an e-mail about something or other whatever which happened while I was on vacation and ‘really should have been taken care of before I left!’ Yeah…I was on vacation which means that I’m not at work so when something happens that I normally do I’m not going to be there to do it. Reasonably I can tie up loose ends before I go but if something needs attention and I’m on vacation (in another state no less) someone else is going to have to cover the work until I get back. Sorry if that kinda sucks but you know…on vacation and all.

Plus, there is only so much of the work day so if there are 5 hours of things to get done and I only have 4 hours then 1 hour of things needs to be sacrificed. I try to prioritized but still, one hour of things must go and if that’s something that someone else will eventually have to cover then at least they aren’t doing 4 other hours of stuff. Oh who am I kidding, you should have seen the mail when I got back. That was one of the things that sort of slid by the wayside while I was out. My mind boggles sometimes.

Now the fun part, or Origins the Finale! I was right, things got pretty hectic and by the time I got back to the room it was 3am and I was nicely drunk and in no condition to be blogging. The show went well with only a few interesting glitches. Hats off to Badmovie for being a paper connoisseur and guru and shut up about the paper. It certainly looked like enough when we hauled it all down. No really, it did. Honest! LunarGeography will vouch for me on that. Or it would have been enough if we didn’t have record numbers of attending Smithee-ites. 264 at the peak people, 264! That’s like, wow! That’s wow of wow. That’s a lot of people. Especially when the room is set up for 160 and you happen (with the capable help of LunarGeography and side assistance of Shane) to be the ones schlepping the rest of the chairs from rooms hither and yon so that all the people can sit. Oi! We schlepped. For the whole first half we were alternately dragging chairs or ballot bimbo-ing, depending on the time. Fortunately, we never did run out of paper because LunarGeography and I made an emergency half time break dash to the room to get the rest of the paper. It was really close though.

A summed up the experience in a simple sentence fragment after the show was done, “Booz and Food!”. Booz and food we did and it was glorious. Oh, the other phrase that came out of the show was “Do NOT eat the ninjas.” Sound advice for any occasion.

TheMan and I came away from Origins with a whole pack load of goodies too. On Saturday, while Bryan sat in our room making show notes and TheMan Bryan-sat, Badmovie and I went out and hit the dealer room. We got some good buys, I got some thoughts for getting stuff next year, Badmovie got another black market copy of “Prison Bitch” (which was a gas to witness. The Origins people threatened to shut down the booth if they didn’t yank the game so they sold it all undercover like. We had to go out of the convention center and “make the deal”), TheMan and I also got Apples to Apples 2-4, an updated Flux deck, Management Material (not Middle Management like I typed a couple days ago) and ummm…some other things I am sure. OH! The Farscape d20 system rules and the Fudge rules and set of Fudge dice. I am thinking of maybe running a Fudge thing ‘cuz it’s funny. Well, Badmovie adn LunarGeography sat in on a game where the Fudge characters had super powers like the Mystery Men super powers. That, I could go for!

This vacation might go down as one of the better vacations ever. I was very relaxed (and I still am to some extent, despite the whole “Things! You normally do! Came up and you weren’t here to do them! WARGH!” thing) and just all “ahhhhhh” on Sunday. Next year, I’m going for the whole time and I might even sign up for some RPG games. Who knows!

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