What Ever Happened to my Weekend?

I know I had one…somewhere in all this heat and humidity. Maybe it mildewed and I threw it away.

Oh you laugh. I took my shower Monday morning and by this morning the towel was still damp in places. Yuck. I hets me teh August!

Friday, as I mentioned, furniture from my G’ma’s apartment arrived via the Mumses and Mr. Paul somewhat express. They had gone down the last weekend in July to get the place ready for the complex peeps to rent out to someone else which meant that all G’ma’s stuff had to come out of there. They then trundled a U-haul full of G’ma stuff up from ‘bama (‘Bama?) through some road work which delayed them significantly. Mmmmm, construction hopping while driving a giant U-haul truck. That had to have been fun.

We went over to Mumses and Mr. Paul’s place later that day for eats and were joined by my sis and her husband. My poor mumses had hardly any room to go about her daily business seeings as her house was full of her stuff plus the new stuff and nothing had had time to comfortably settle in. It was like room Tetris everywhere you went. For a while, G’ma’s dining room table was chilling on the front porch for whatever amusing reason. Maybe it had had enough of the chaos and needed a break? Or maybe it was trying to unobtrusively escape back to the wild. Nothing to see, no dining room table here. Move along. We dragged it in after dinner, thus barring it from freedom. I think my sis is coming back with a more appropriate table hauling vehicle to take it away at some point in time. Maybe?

We’ll have to bring the truck up later to haul back some stuff because the mirror I’m getting is actually a mumses mirror (which is going to be replaced by a G’ma mirror) and therefore wasn’t on the truck from ‘Bama. I might also pick up a rocking chair if my mumses wasn’t half furniture crazy when she offered it. I already have G’ma’s rocking chair from when they moved from the Coosa river house to the Garden home quite a while back (1990s?) but I like the black rocking char my mumses has better. It’s got a longer seat and it is black with buff cushions, which matches our current couch theme better than goldenrod and rust.

Saturday we played WoW (the game) until my toon hit 70. WHOOO! And also… way too much Warcraft. Oddly, it didn’t feel like we played that long at all but when I casually looked at the clock to see if it was close to lunch time I was mightily shocked to find that it was 5:00. The other people too were just as surprised. I guess we had been going so non stop smackering things that we all lost track of time. We also lost track of game because I totally missed dinging 70. My first 70 toon and I missed it! Wah! So did everyone else. That’s so sad.

Sunday it started raining in the middle of the night and never let up. So much for any garden work I had planned. My back garden still isn’t choppered out and my veggy garden is still very weedy. I did take a pruning shears to all the plantage sometime last Wednesday so at least it looks like something is happening back there.

OH! I forgot to bag up the carnage. Drat. I had meant to do that the day after I chopped everything down but out of sight and all.

We spent most of the day lazily complaining about the heat and humidity while reading Harry Potter. We may also have played some Warcraft, but not a whole lot. For the record, I’m hating J. K. Rowling with a bright burning HATE hate because she’s doing things I do not approve of in her book. I’ll not spoiler the spoils but ARRRRRGH!!!

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