Doing Not Much of Anything at All

And loving it!

Friday night we had parTAY plans with Alessar and his fancy new flat screen big assed TV of doom. I think the official invitation to the shindig was an e-mail that read “I got a new giant flat screen TV! Come bring pretty movies so we can watch them! I’ll provide snacks!” How can you say no to big pretty picture and free snacks? So we wandered our way over at about seven with fresh (ow ow ow) not red velvet cake from the oven and a half gallon of ice cream.

Not red velvet cake because I was cooking in the gloom Friday after work. I could read the ingredients pics right as rain, but apparently there wasn’t enough light to distinguish the front picture of dark red velvet cake with light frosting from the dark rich double chocolate cake with white frosting. I even thought the cake dust looked a bit chocolaty but then I remembered that the last couple times I had made red velvet cake the cake dust looked really chocolaty until I added the wet ingredients. Then it looked like someone bled out in my mixing bowl. Sadly, I was just about done mixing the cake batter before I realized that it was still pretty obstinately chocolaty chocolate. Only then did I think something was amiss and sure enough, I was making double chocolate cake rather than red velvet cake. Yup. Kung Fu awareness right there.

The ParTay was fun (we watched Hero – pretty! and a B5 movie thing) and we shambled home about 2am.

Saturday I slept in until 10 and decided that I wasn’t going to do anything constructive for the rest of the day. Wait, does napping count? Cuz I did some napping and I’d hate to have broken my proclaimed day of slothatude with something actually worthwhile. I’m going to say no just to make myself feel better about doing nothing the whole day. What can I say? Saturday was one of those days where I thought about all the stuff I could be doing (and be part of the constructive members of society or something) and then I thought “Meh. I don’t wanna”. So I didn’t. It was awesome.

Sunday I woke up and contemplated doing yard work but I decided I didn’t really want to so I didn’t. Again. I also thought about doing laundry but didn’t do that either. I’d have gladly lazed the whole day away but we had the Sunday game over at Donald’s place so we got all showered and shaved and rolled on over. There weren’t enough people to actually play the Sunday game so we talked about alternate plans and about Magic: the Gathering. Donald’s girlfriend was building some sort of black deck and was asking about gloom cards. Or morose cards. Or cards with despair or…ummm…yeah. It’s been way, way, WAY too long since I played the game to figure out what’s going on now-a-days. Good grief! I just looked up the expansion sets and they’ve had 39 come out since I gave up collecting cards way back in ’94. I feel old!

Fortunately, Bubbles arrived and made our Sunday game people quota so I didn’t have to make a fool of myself blundering around playing Magic: the Way Too Many Expansion Sets to Keep Track of Card Game. Crimony. 39 expansion decks.

I think we spent the rest of the day boogering around in Warcraft and I finished off a book I was reading. At 3 am this morning. I be arcing poptarts!

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