3 A.M. CAKE!!!!1!!


I really need to get a better bedtime schedule hammered out because 3am Sunday night, 1:30am Monday night and 12:30am Tuesday night just isn’t cutting it for the sleep. Oh sure, if this were Christmas vacation I would totally do that late to bed late to rise sort of thing (I think I’m permanently wired for Kamchatka time) but it isn’t and having to get up early after going to bed late wears thin really fast. If I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep I get cranky above and beyond my normal base line cranky. Nobody wins in that situation.

Buuuuuut I didn’t make a cake last night for a coworker’s birthday like I should have done. So my sleeping in was cut off because I had to get up early to make the cake before work. I suppose I could have blown it all off but how sad is that to promise birthday cake and then not deliver? And…errrr…it was sort of my own fault for not making it the night before so I really didn’t have any excuses. OK, I had Warcraft as an excuse but that’s just lame and wrong so early to rise (heh!) it was for me.

Not 3 A.M. early though. I’m not that crazy. I was planning on getting up at 5 to bake the cake and I thought that as long as I was up early, I might as well make breakfast in bed for TheMan and me. Early morning eggs are delicious. They are even more delicious with bacon, which we happened to have half a…bacon unit of in the fridge. They are even EVEN more delicious with toast but alas. We had no bread. Fortunately, TheMan has become dear friends with the Breadbot and he suggested that we (meaning TheMan) set up a loaf to bake overnight so we could have fresh hot bread with our eggs and bacon. Mmmmm! So he did.

Long about 3:30 in the morning, the breadbot went off with a shrieking BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!! loud enough to wake and anger the dead. We both woke up all “What the hell is wrong with the breadbot? And could you please go make it shut up?” TheMan stumbled into the kitchen (since he’s the breadbot’s best friend) and poked the machine a bit until it shut up. Of course by this time we were both wired with adrenalin since we had no idea if the breadbot was trying to warn us of immanent electrical failure where in it would burst into flame and set the whole house on fire (I don’t think I’d mind too much being woken up for that sort of emergency) or maybe an alien intruder alert (also an event I would rather not sleep through). It turned out that the breadbot only wanted to let us know that it was time to add raisins to the dough. You know…incase we were making raisin rye bread.

We really need to figure out how to turn off the raisin alarm if we are going to be doing breakfast breads.

TheMan shuffled off to bed and was back to sleep before he got the covers completely settled over his person (I really hate his ability to sleep at the drop of a hat) but I was up. UP! Shrieking breadbot had me bouncing around and I figured that as long as I was all wide eyed, I might as well bake the cake. So I did. And then I slept in for two hours and didn’t make eggs or bacon. We did have raisinless rye bread fresh from the bot though. Mmmm.

In other non 3 A.M screaming breadbot news, did you know that they make ice cream sammiches in Neapolitan? It’s true! I went shopping…errr…Yesterday? Anyway, I had to pick up some things and stuff and whilst puttering around I noticed a stupendous sale on ice cream sammiches! I didn’t get any (then) because I don’t really need ice cream despite the intriguing chocolate ice cream sammiches and cookies and cream ice cream sammiches. Then I tootled by the freezer section proper and discovered that they also had ice cream sammiches with vanilla, chocolate AND strawberry all in the same sammich. I figured it was some sort of something or other sign so I grabbed a box.

What? Strawberry ice cream!! In a sammich! Brilliant! And also tasty. The chocolate ice cream part, however, is not as tasty as I think it can be. This is a sadness. Also also my butt is going to need its own zip code if they don’t stop making tasty treats (and I don’t stop buying them).

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  1. Kevin Says:

    The thought of a little bread machine running around shrieking at 3:30 in the morning, waving its little arms in the air, and yelling RAISIN ALARM! RAISIN ALARM! RAISIN ALARM! makes me laugh.

    It wouldn’t have been funny if it had happened to me.

    Although there are decent odds that I wouldn’t have been asleep at 3:30 in the morning….

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