Is It the Weekend Yet?

Oi. I am teh twitchay today so it looks like coherence is not going to be something that pops up. ergo SAST!

I’ve been back to working on crocheting projects…3 and 3A? I think that’s what I designated them. Heh, it’s been so long since I started them that I’ve completely forgot what I gave them for a code name. Anyway, I finally got all the little pieces parts done (HUZZAH!!!!) and now I’m on to weaving in the tails. I hate weaving in all those damned little yarn bits and I have over 208 of them (two for each swatch) that I have to thread nicely through the bit so it doesn’t come all unraveled. Oh how I hate weaving in the little thread tails. GrrrrRRRrrrrr. After the pieces have been prettied up and are no longer in danger from unraveling I’ll have to stitch them all together. I’ve never assembled a crochet project from bits before….this should be interesting for highly amusing variables of interesting.

I did no crocheting last night however, because I created another WoW (the game) character. We’ve got this crazy Blood Elf thing going on wherein we give our characters some sort of math name. I have a priest named Locus, TheMan has a pally named Cartesia, there is a hunter named Eccentricity and someone’s got Hypotenuse. We don’t play the ‘little guys’ all that seriously but eventually I want to get my priest up there so our current healer isn’t always trapped being the party healer. Buuuuuut…then we got discussing healing classes and our healer fella went off on a nut about the holy specced pally. He is of the firm opinion that a holy pally outshines a holy priest. I don’t know one way or another, but I decided to test out the theory by creating a pally to spec holy.

Yeah, I have no idea what I was thinking. I have a hard enough time dealing with the one character I’ve finally leveled to 70 but apparently I think I can run two healers in series until I have a good enough idea which is better. But enough of that thinking rationally stuff, what cool math name was I going to give my new pally? TheMan and I bandied some terms about until I was forced to grab my old calculus book and skim through the index.

Then, in the Ls, we stumbled on the perfect name for a holy specced pally: l’Hôpital. AWESOME! It’s all mathy (and one of my favorite stupid calculus tricks) plus it looks a little like l’Hospital which is perfect for a healer. Except they wont let you use apostrophes in name generation. So we fudge about a bit and came up with Lehôpital which is still freekin awesome. We even got the o-hat in the name, although I had to have TheMan log into my account from his Powerbook because fuck-all if I knew how to get o-hat out of a PC. It’s probably something like ctl-alt-shift-carrot-o and then it’ll most likely come out as Capital O since you’ve used the shift key which means CAPITAL!!! despite not shift-carrot giving you 6.

I was so extreeeeemly pleased with myself and my new name until I tried to send some mail from one character to the new character. Yeah. Remember the o-hat? Still not able to get a PC to regurgitate that. I’m betting that most of the people on WoW can’t get their PC to burp out o-hat so on the plus side, less spam. On the minus side, no mail or messages from my friends who can’t o-hat either. Hmmmmm.

We finished Harry Potter! Did I mention that already? Well if so…we really finished it then. If not, then hey guess what??!? Heh. I think I am satisfied with the whole series but man. J.K. Rowling doesn’t pull many punches. She also likes to aleterate up the wazoo. Ron’s rumbelous, rowdy rocking chair? What’s that about? I feel for the dude who has to read the audio book.

Did I mention my reading thing? Well I’m too lazy to look that up too so I’ll either blather on about it again or this will be something new. Anyway, I’m trying to read an average of two books a month and so far I’m just starting book 13. Yeah…I might be a little bit behind but I have three more months to get caught up. Piece of cake! Maybe. I don’t think I’m much of a reader in the summer months.

Mmm, my hands smell like garlic from prepping a chicken for roasting. Just thought I’d share. Also, I’m really glad I’m not a vampire.

Right! I think I’ve come to the end of my interesting so I’ll sign off. See yas later.

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