Because My Mom Hates It When I Do This

Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooost Daaaaaaaaaaaating!

TheMan and I went over to Mumses and Mr. Paul’s place Sunday and Mumses was all “I go to your site for days and days and there’s nothing and nothing and nothing then all of the sudden there are updates from days ago. That really gets me irked.” So this update is totally for you, mumses!

Heh. I am mean to my mumses but only because she laughed at me for not knowing that sunflowers always point towards the sun. Note that I didn’t say that I was unaware that plants grow towards the sun because that I’ve seen. I’ve just never seen a plant do a 180 in a single day before and let me tell you, sunflowers are pretty tall plants to be doing that kind of moving. Also we never grew sunflowers so until this year, when I had my own sunflowers to observe both morning and night, I never realized the extent to which these things move. However, mumses said that we used to drive by sunflower fields all the time (??!?) and she would point out how they were all facing the sun!

I pointed out that if we drove by these fields once in a blue moon how was I supposed to realize that the whole damned plant swiveled around like some sort of chlorophyll filled gyroscope? Until you’ve seen one of these beasties face planted into the morning sun before leaving to go to work and then yawing in the complete opposite direction upon coming home in the evening, it just really doesn’t sink in. And maybe they might be called ‘sunflowers’ because they are big and round and yellow…sort of like the sun? I’m just sayin.

Speaking of sunflowers, one of my tall beasties got nibbled on near the head of the flower and is dying a slow sad death. The stem support for the flower head is nearly cracked clean through but that hasn’t stopped it from trying to turn its mangled stalk to the sun. Poor fella. *sniff* Also, I hate fucking garden eating rodent fuckers. They ate all our corn and have started in on my only two damned pumpkins I’ve managed to grow and now they are murdering my poor sunflowers. I’ve let them off most of the season but this pillaging of my gardens is pissing me off. Little ingrates, I’m really starting to loosen my stance on poisoning all you little furry fuckers.

As for the rest of the weekend, we played a hella lot of WoW (the game) and I did very little gardening because Sunday it rained the whole day, all day, every hour on the hour. Feh. My gardens sure are green (and nibbled) but not of my doing. I think I’m going to have to start just pulling up a couple weeds every night when I come home if the weather isn’t craptastic. Hrrrmph.

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