Monday Morning SAST

I hate Mondays. I’m very much not a morning person and given the choice, I’d sleep in until noon every day. Buuuuut some people are of the opinion that anyone who’s slept in until noon has wasted the ENTIRE day away so I usually try to get up at the crack of 10am. That way I don’t have to deal with all those crazy morning people what with their blah blah lazy cakes because look! I got up in the morning alright? Sometimes I even push it to 11 because – still the morning.

There are a lot of you crazy morning people out there.

However, on the weekend I like to be extra lazy and maybe loll around a bit more than the next person. Thus when Monday comes around all bright and shiny, my sleep and eats schedule is all out of whack from getting up late, eating late and going to bed late for two days. I suppose I *could* just get up early on the weekends and avoid all the Monday morning system readjustment hassle but then all you morning crazy people would have won. That ain’t happening. Not on my watch.

I could really go for some chocolate cake. Mmmmm….cake – but not just regular chocolate cake; it’d have to be really chocolaty and moist, perhaps even that hot lava fudge cake whatsit stuff. At the very least it should be frosted with a very thick layer of chocolaty chocolate frosting. And possibly ice cream, but only if the cake is fresh out of the oven. I need some chocolate cake elves.

I tried to assuage my chocolate cake craving Saturday by rooting around the kitchen to see what I had that I could make. Once upon a time I had a boxed chocolate cake mix but I accidentally made it up thinking it was red velvet cake. Sadness. But! I had a can of chocolate frosting lying about with which I could do something. And I also had a bag of sugar cookie mix and lo! We have instant coffee as well.

What? I can’t put regular coffee into chocolate frosting sugar cookie dough; it’d be way too runny.

Anyway, I made up my concoction using “I can’t believe I’m actually cooking with this” and some Egg Replacer because I knew at least half the dough was destined never to make it onto the cookie sheet. I was very right about that but also, my chocolate coffee sugar dough wrocked. Seriously. Toss in about a quarter cup of chocolate frosting, maybe a table spoon of instant coffee, a couple eggs worth of powdered egg stuff and a stick of “I can’t believe this is actually going to work” into a Kroger bagged sugar cookie mix and blam! Manna from heaven (or at least my kitchen cupboards).

It’ll cook up too…sorta…but I’d suggest getting the cookie mass off the sheet sooner rather than later. Sometime after the dough ceases to boil but before it hardens into cement would be the ideal timing. Heh. I discovered cookie brittle. BTW, cookie brittle is very tasty in its own right but much harder to get off the cookie sheet than the raw dough is to scoop out of the bowl.

Saturday night I didn’t feel so well. Hmmm.

Sunday I spent the day laundry-crafting and got all the laundry done and put away! Whoooo! Then I wandered out into the living room and discovered a pair of shorts that had escaped the pile and made a break for freedom. ARRGH! Ah well. I have a truck blanket loafing about downstairs that I briefly considered chucking in the wash but eh. I had already washed a cat yarked comforter and I only have so much room on my clothes lines to hang blankets. I like to let blankets thoroughly dry for a day or two before stowing them away in my fancy (re: original) plastic blanket keeper bags. There’s nothing like pulling out a blanket that was almost dry and then cooped up for a few months. Yum!

Ah well. I suppose this will give me an excuse to do some mid week washing. Or something. This also probably means that I failed at getting all the laundry done and that’s pretty depressing. Laundry was the only constructive thing I did all weekend. Foo.

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    I tried to assuage my chocolate cake craving

    I read that as “I tried to sausage my chocolate cake craving” and thought, eeeeeeeeeew!

  2. Boo Says:

    Yeah…sausage cake might be good but not chocolate sausage cake. I agree with your “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew”.

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