Catmint’s a Bloomin

Good Tuesday all. Apparently it’s catnip season, which makes Isaak a very happy (and crazy) cat. I was doing my usual loafing on teh intertubes before dinner and the cat came by for a little cat love. Usually he’s all plaintively “Mrrrr?” like I haven’t scritched him for a week and last night started out pretty much the same. There was the lonely pathetic Mrrr and a pat pat on my leg just incase I hadn’t noticed the cat trying to get all up in my grill.

Then he started up with the “Mrrr?” and a headbutt. Then another “MrrRRrr??” followed by a pat pat and then he inhaled for another round of “I’m so loooooonely!” and got a whiff of the catnip I brushed up against when I came into the house. It’s amazing how fast fresh catnip can derail a cat. One minute Isaak was all “Love MEEEEEEEEE!” and the next minute he was having an intimate moment with my pants. I thought he was going to inhale my entire pantleg he was so into the catnip. I even asked him if he needed some alone time because crimony! I felt a little uncomfortable being in the same room with him and my catnipped jeans.

That did not stop me from grabbing a pillow this morning and whacking it against the same bush though. Heh. I am my cat’s pusher.

TheMan and I took a break from Warcrafting last night to do a little grillin and watch a zombie flick. Way back forever ago, TheMan got a Target gift card for some occasion or other. We don’t do a lot of Target shopping so the gift cert has been languishing about all mopey and unspent until yesterday. At some point in time unspent gift certs can become more of a burden than a blessing so before coming to pick me up from work, TheMan decided to deal with this gift cert and go get us a Roomba. Failing that, the fall back plan was to pick up The Lost Boys on DVD.

Target had neither, but they did have Shaun of the Dead so TheMan procured it for our movie collection. With a small detour to Kroget’s for MEAT and beers we were set for the evening. Mmmm, MEAT and ZOMBIES with a side of beer.

Of course after the movie we had to watch the extras. Then we watched the extra extras. Then it was midnight. Hows come I can’t get to bed on time even when we aren’t playing Warcraft? ARRRRGH! At least I have catnip.

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2 Responses to “Catmint’s a Bloomin”

  1. Bubbles Says:

    It is hard for me to imagine Isaac being all tripped out on catnip, because he’s such a stuck-up snob the rest of the time.

  2. Boo Says:

    Yeah…that’s one of the reasons I love catnip season. He’s such a goof when he’s on the weed.

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