Squishy Penguin Flower Pants

I don’t have a title or a short blurbit for today’s blog entry so if it comes out a total suck ass of an idea for either let’s just blame it on…oh the Librarian. The Librarian has been getting on my nerves all week so I deem the Librarian scapegoat for the 4th of July weekend.

Hey, I think I just might use that above blurbit for the blurbit. Now for a title. Ahhhh…nope. No creative juices and after yesterday’s brilliant innovation of titleness I can’t stoop to “Wednesday Stuff” or something like that because that would look lame. Maybe I should label this entry “Squishy Penguin” or something so totally bizarre that people just sort of sit there and blink. Or, I could name it de-pantsed gnome but TheMan would kill me (notice babe, I did not just add more to the googling of lunar gnomes. See, I love you! Heh!). He’s got a thing about people dropping trou. Does. Not. Like. It.

(Hee, Do NOT eat the squishy Penguins!)

Boring gardening news. Yes, I shall subject you to more plant ramblings. Went over to the condo to hang with Dirge and Shar (and to drop off the stuffed microbes) and picked up my first rent check. Whooo! I am a slum lord! It feels really weird going from having about $2 left over after paying the condo dues and the utilities and the groceries to having this amazing extra income (which the IRS is sure to siphon right off in marriage taxes and extra income taxes and all that happy happy). I told TheMan that I would put the rent checks in the joint account and he was all pensive and “Ummmm…” Turns out he is starting to feel like a kept man and it bothers him a little. I had to laugh because I haven’t paid an electric, phone, water or gas bill since I started living with him. He takes care of all the house hold stuff and I get the shopping. Really, I’m getting the easy end of the deal and I often feel like I leach off of TheMan (he tends to get the tab when we go out to dinner as well) so I’m all excited about being able to give back a little instead of being the über mooch that I am really good at being. Funny that, both of us are all money sensitive. Eh, it will work out in the end. Right now, TheMan is a bit strapped for cash and I have extra. Before it was the other way around. So long as someone has enough “play” cash in the relationship I think I’m happy.

Oh, plants. Right. So we are over at the condo hanging out and someone walking by told Shar that they really like her flowers. Hey, those are my flowers! Hey…wait, HEY! I planted them! Man, now I gotta wonder if the neighbors are all “That chick who lived there? C.R.A.Z.Y. I really like what you two have done with the place, it looks so much nicer now. More family oriented. Very nice flowers.” Hrmmmm! On the plus side, all the plants I put in a month ago (give or take) have all survived and the roses have all bloomed and whatnot. Even the window box, which I dumped some Forget-me-nots and Alyssium seeds into, is growing happy plantlets. The ivy, although happy, hasn’t started to spread yet. Oh well, maybe it’s still getting acclimatized. I expect a full ivy invasion sometime late this fall!

TheMan and I are most likely going to be doing some yard work this coming weekend. I want to have both gardens ripped out by the end of the year so I best start yanking sometime soon. Sadly, I am having to restrain myself from planting a whole new garden this year (right now!). Wedding, pfffft, I want to play with plants! (Wedding things…must to wait and pay for wedding things, THEN plants.) The bushes have all gone bazoo and have taken to giving me the evil eye every time I walk by. They know, I tell you, they know. OUT, OUT DAMN BUSHES! We did hack down the weed tree as much as we could (going to have to get the chain saw out for the rest) and DQ came by and pulled out some stuff she wanted but so much is still very wrong with those gardens. It pains me greatly to even think of everything that is going to have to come out. Maybe I’ll rent a goat and see if it will eat all the plants away.

Ahhhh, but next year we should have a beautiful flowering crab apple tree (that would be even bigger if I planted it this year!) and nice shrubbery (which would be better established if I planted it this year!) and bulbs (shouldn’t I plant them in the fall…of this year?) and flowerses and growing green stuff. I guess the long winter months will give me lots of time to plan a fantabulous garden that shall beat all other gardens in its awesomeness (and be easy to take care of too. Very important that). Yeah. That’s right. Next year. *sniff*

One Response to “Squishy Penguin Flower Pants”

  1. TheMan Says:

    Rent-a-goat! That’s a great concept! I mean, they’ve got Wolverine rental out on South State street. This would be a great alternative…

    Wait, whaddaya mean they don’t rent actual wolverines? That so sucks! Truth in advertising is dead…