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TheMan and I went to Mickey D’s today for the last day of their “Get a free icy drink!” promotion thing. Last week I stopped by and got a caramel mocha and it was…better than Starbucks plain coffee but not by much. I think the whole deal is that they will be offering these drinks in competition with the local coffee houses but for much less. I’d still go to Starbucks though if I were getting a mocha. And if I were getting an icy mocha, I’d spend the 60 cents and get me a Hello Boss mocha. It’s ten times the drink the McDonald’s icy mocha is.

Buuuut I thought I’d give the (free!) icy coffees one more chance so we wandered over for a Mickey D’s breakfast. This time out I got a plain mocha and also their promotional (or new!) cinnamon bits thing. TheMan got a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and we both got hash browns. I don’t think I’ve been to a McDonald’s since the 2005 Transplant games but I’ll have to say that they make a mighty fine breakfast biscuit sandwich. I’ve always been partial to the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit (and it was only because of the NEW! cinnamon bits that I did not get a biscuit sammich) but the sausage biscuit with cheese and or egg is also a fine breakfast choice. And then there are the hash browns.

Woah…wait…gone to my happy place.

OK back. Wow. I love me the McD’s hash browns. I’d even go as far as to say that they are the best hash browns I’ve ever had but they are kind of an odd duck of a hash brown. I mean…they aren’t really hashed up taters and they are deep fried and I’m convinced that there is some sort of crispity coating on them which makes them extra tasty crispy good. Plus, you can’t add eggs or bacon or onion or cheese to your order of McDonald’s hash browns and certainly anywhere else you go to order hash browns you can. Most hash browns start out as lumps of shredded tater so there’s no real reason you can’t throw a little something extra into that lump while it’s grilling away. It’s usually pretty tasty too.

We had a bit of a discussion about the entity calling itself “McDonald’s Hash Browns” and I think “fried potato cake” is a more accurate description of what you get when you order “hash browns” at McDonald’s. I don’t think they will be changing the name any time soon but I can certainly say, with conviction, that McDonald’s make the best fried potato cake I’ve ever eaten. I had two for breakfast. Yum.

The straight mocha was…eh. I don’t think I’ll be buying McDonald’s icy drinks in the future as they didn’t knock my socks off with their wow coffeeness and also because we rarely ever go to McDonald’s anyway. The cinnamon bits though I can highly recommend. I’m almost 100% positive that Pillsbury is supplying McDonald’s with cinnamon bits things since the cinnamon bits tasted exactly like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. This is not a bad thing at all; I rather like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. The McD’s cinnamon bits also have a very nice goo to dough ratio so while I can’t recommend the coffees, I’m giving the cinnamon bits two happy (and sticky) thumbs up.

The next time I go for breakfast, I’m going to be hard pressed to choose between a tasty biscuit sammich or some cinnamon bits.

The garden bug also agrees that McDonald’s hash browns are the BOMB.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    I never had the cinnamon rolls (given my schedule, getting to McD before breakfast is over is a *very* rare thing), but I also give the sausage biscuit with cheese a big thumbs up.

    I always keep telling myself that one day I’ll get up early and go to White Castle to say what their breakfast sandwiches are like … but it hasn’t happened yet….

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