Five Random Friday Pictures

I went out and snapped some pics for a Friday Five picto-post but I actually have more than five pictures in some cases. Call it padding. I’m also going to attempt to do some funky HTML so hold on! (My HTML Fu…is no good)

PICTURE ONE: Sunflower looking like the sun

OK, any of you out there reading should go up to a grade schooler and ask them to draw a picture of the sun. I’ll guarantee it comes out looking exactly like this but without a stem (and perhaps with a face). Sunflower = looks like the sun. Nuff said!

Here’s my sad, plucky, dying sunflower. *sniff* It’s been about a week now and its still doing its sunflower thing despite hanging on by 10% of its stalk. The cracky dead part at the top is what’s gone horribly wrong with this fella. The bees don’t seem to mind though.

Here are my smaller sunflowers waiting to bloom. They aren’t as impressive as the hyooj ones (with flowers as big as my head!!!) but I expect when they start blooming in a week or so they will be pretty none the less. Maybe they are just being polite and letting the ginormous flowers have their day before coming out all three foot sunflower bustin.

This is the whole kit and caboodle plus one weed pulling husband.

PICTURE TWO: The Q house first harvest of ’08

This was back before our garden was ransacked by furry little fucker rodents. Just last night, in fact, I saw a squirrel bouncing along the power lines with something in his mouth. Something golf ball sized and shaped but green in color. Almost like…maybe…he had a small green fruit firmly lodged in his jaws. A small green fruit like…an unripe tomato??!???! You little…ARRRRRGH!!!! All our corn is munched, the pumpkins are all chewed on and the weeds have eaten the strawberries. The hot peppers, on the other hand…

Like the mescaline, the peppers are still going strong. Nobody’s eating any of the hot peppers and weirdly, I’ve found some jalapeños growing in a garden I didn’t plant any in. I’m that good at growing hot peppers, I guess, that they just sort of spontaneously up and grow. Huh.

Here’s the crazy land annexing but not pumpkin growing pumpkin vines trying to invade the tomatoes. I have no clue what’s going on…I wish the pumpkins would stop harassing their neighbors and get down to makin’ some pumpkins already.

PICTURE THREE: Joseph’s amazing Technicolor coat climbing roses

Yeah, several of the blooms have faded but the point is one bush makes all sorts of different color roses. SQUEEEE! Also one bush is doing a whole lot better than the 4th of July roses right next to them. Hrrrmph.

PICTURE FOUR: No Mr. Pillow, I expect you to DIE!!!

Fresh catnip. Endless fun.

PICTURE FIVE: Aladdin’s home

I was talking to someone about wishes and whatnot when I got this silver service. I think I just might use one of my wishes and ask that all my friends get 5000 dollars of non-taxable, legal money. After all, I’ll have two more wishes and it’d be interesting to see how the Djinn defines my friends.

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