THAT was your plan?

Specifically alluding to last night’s gaming session but I think it pretty much works for any occasion.

Gaming Stuff

TheMan ran his Warhammer game last night and if you get all glass eyed about gaming discussions (‘cuz I’m gonna be talking about it hereafter) then just skip yourself down to where I’m not talking about gaming. Mmm’kay? Alright. Anyway, the premise, if I haven’t already gone into it somewhere here before (‘cuz I’m one lazy couch fuck and I just don’t feel like searching my own site to see if I have rambled on about this before), is a bunch of us misfit (but hero types!) are trying to save the world from being remade in the image of a mad man’s plan. Simple. Well, except the mad man keeps ripping out the hearts of the local priests because he has it in his head that a complete collection is the key to remaking the world. Oh, and also he is increda-strong and regenerates and can’t be hurt by normal weapons and the only magical weapons the group has are the dwarf’s sword that spends more time on the ground than in the dwarf’s hand and the wizard’s staff and the Wizard aint going to be one-to-oneing it with the mad man in this lifetime.

It’s been a bit of a quandary on how to stop the guy, really. Of course all MY suggestions have been nixed, which include having the elf read the book of driving people mad that the mad man read so we can figure out what his plan is. Hey, it might work differently on elves and besides, my character can take the elf if he gets all “end of the world” wiggy on us. Somehow the elf’s player wasn’t going for that. I need to convince the dwarf or halflling that they need to step up and take one for the team. The group also wont go for putting out cleric bate or (the latest) trying ot get the guy to sit for a portrait by someone who is able to paint the absolute truth about people (it’s a curse). The wizard pointed out to me that if we can get the mad man to sit for a portrait we could probably just as well kill him. He may have a point, but then again the mad man soaked 11 fireballs and two busted arms (he only has two, you would think this would be an inconvenience no?) the last time we tangled and he has had time to get stronger.

My character, Spook, is the thumpy one of the group. He hurts people good and that’s about all he does but he does it really well (if you can only do one thing, it’s good to be able to do that thing well). Naturally the wizard (who is supposed to be the smart one here. I’m just saying) usually picks either Spook or the dwarf to stand behind when he is casting and does his magic mumbo jumbo while the thumpies keep the rabble from eating the wizard. I hear they are pretty tasty. So, in last night’s game, when the wizard and Spook came up on a rabble of rioters being fired up by some sort of priest fella the wizard said “Stand in front of me”. Of course, I figured the wizard (being the smart one…have I mentioned that?) must have a plan of wondrous proportions because who in their right mind would challenge about one hundred crazed rioters and a head priest of the “go out and thump non abiding citizens” religion so I agreed to park Spook between the crowd and the wizard. The wizard casts directly on the priest aaaaaaaand…lo! The priest is not so much a priest as he is the avatar of the “go out and thump non abiding citizens” god and he just absorbs well placed lightning bolts (yes please, can I have another?). The next plan? Run!

Run is good. Run is better when the crowd behind you isn’t just as fast (or faster) than your character and Run is best when your character is native to the city and the rioters are not, which of course was just the opposite here. The next plan (or plan C, for those of you who are following), taken totally from some deep dark orifice only the wizard has access to, was for the wizard to eat some mescaline mushrooms he had on him in hopes that his god, the god of dreams and visions, might favor him with a vision of how to get the heck outta there. Can you say Hail Mary shot? Can you say OMFG it worked? Can you say Spook and the Wizard are the two luckiest characters in the history of gaming, ever?

(I talked to TheMan last night after the game and he too thought the wizard’s plan was the most crack pot crazy thing ever BUT, like a good GM he gave it a slim microcosmic infinitesimally small chance of succeeding. Guess who rolled incredibly well for “snowball’s chance in hell of making this work” roll? Yay wizzard’s player!) It was the most fun I have had gaming yet. Hee!

Hey you…yeah you with the dull eyeballs, down here. Yoohoo! Right, glad to see you again. Onto the usual boo.

Work Stuff

The plan is what now? (variations on a theme) So yeah. I spent a lot of time yesterday on the depos list checking and rechecking it. Shut up, I did too. I put in quite the effort to thoroughly go through the stupid list and make sure it was as complete as I, a non Librarian could make it. I hate when the lists come back all marked up (because after I go through it, the Librarian goes through it and does their Librarian thing) so I try to make them as error free as I can. Of course, it’s very hard when the rules keep changing on me from one month to the next. Last month, the letters came before the numbers, which is the back asswards way of doing things in the REAL world but that’s the lists for you. This month, I get the list back with marks and such to the effect that 2:2 needs to go before 2:C. Hey, umm, excuse me if I am wrong, but isn’t 2 a number? Yeah…and C was a letter last time I looked and…Oh, OK then. Today the numbers go ahead of the letters (like they should and ought to have in the first place). You know, I am beginning to think that Librarian school is three years of “Let’s invent a weird system of organization that makes no sense to anyone but us! OK, let’s invent another!”

Work Out Stuff

That was your plan. The last two days I have gotten up early and at least done some floor work. Want to hear something really sad? Wednesday I got up and did some lunges. Just a light work out of five lunges a side and three sets of those. No big I thought. Just a warm up to get the ol’ legs stretched out before I really started working them. Well, I guess I really actually worked them out with my warm up because I hurt today. Three sets of five a side. People, I am most embarrassed because I used to do about 15-20 of these puppies per set for four sets with weights for added oomph. I have turned to mush. Sad, sad, sad. Tonight I plan to dust off the bow flex and do some upper body work, then tomorrow it’s back to the lunges. ow.

The Extras

Because I feel like rambling, THAT is the plan now. Some leftovers today include the big resounding I DON’T WANNA WORK. Who does on the day before a day off? Right now I’m doing a combination of mooching candy and loafing around doing squidgy things that don’t seem like work things but really are because I really don’t want to be doing what I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t get away with surfing the web for the remaining 2.5 hours. This would include going anywhere to do anything remotely related to work as long as it involves me leaving my desk for a good length of time. Oh, and a jaunt past a candy jar. I got me the munchies today (swiped 2 rolos and 2 bit-o-honeys. What IS the taste of a Bit-o-honey? Love them things!) so I am especially fond of tasks that take me places where I can peruse the offerings. They didn’t have anything down in circulation so I told them that they needed to get a candy jar because I had the munchies. I explained to the lady on the desk that I was working on becoming a Master Mooch and how did she expect me to finish my Journeywoman ship in mooching and move on if she did not provide the right study environment? She about bust a gut laughing AND promised to bring me in candy. How’s THAT for mooching? I have the touch. Heh!

Alessar, TheMan and I went out to Pot Belly’s (which I have been calling Pork Belly’s up until Alessar corrected me sometime late this morning) and got us some sammiches. TheMan had never been and he found the sammiches quite yummy. I could have told him that! The place is really quite good. We did run into a bit of confusion because Alessar and TheMan have the same name so when I was talking to one of them they weren’t quite sure who I was addressing. I decided the only solution to this was to change my name too so all three of us would have identical names. Hee, I am a freak!

OK, I think I have blathered enough, time for me to go mosey and look like I’m doing important things. Happy 4th all you Amer’cans.

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