Sunlit Bronze

Holy cow…did I just not post for an entire week? Ummm…well I guess the booniverse is going on holiday for the first week of September. I’m going to have to have a talking to with the creative department; they really need to warn me when they go off on hiatus. Urg! A whole week!

Urrrmmm. Wow (the expression). Well we had grillin over at mumses and Mr. Paul’s house on pre-Labor Day Sunday and as always, the foodz were teh awesome. Sadly, TheMan caught the illin early Sunday morning and stayed home so it was just DQ and I zoomin on up and back.

I brought back the rocking chair though. The cats are a bit confused about two chairs so they haven’t really been sitting on either. Also the black chair did have, once upon a time, a tan cushion thingy whatsit but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I might have remembered Isaak puking on it. I think also, mumses didn’t find the puke until way, way after Isaak had last visited (ew) and chucked the whole cushion assembly. So no tan accouterments came with the chair. I threw a couch pillow on the seat to try and entice the kitties to sleep on the chair (ermmm…because I might have wanted a pic of both chairs being slept on) but it’s a no go. The Little Kitty briefly tried it out but has decided it’s not really her gig.

We’re really not doing a double rocking chair system in the living room; it just took a couple days to move the orange chair somewhere else. For a while, Lazy out trumped the awkwardness of two ankle cracking rocking chairs smack in the middle of everything. The orange chair was eventually shuffled off to the upstairs where it remains unsat upon by kitties, although the Little Kitty has become quite fond of the space behind the chair created by the angle of the rockers, the built in bookcase and a camera bag.

In case you were wondering, and I know y’all were breathless with anticipation, I finally repainted my toenails this last Tuesday. The color for Fall is Sunlit Bronze. I’ll need to put another coat on because my toes don’t look as fabulous as I think they should but apparently, it’s not a driving factor in my life as I have not yet done so. Eventually.

OH! I totally forgot the highlight of last week, other than the rocking chair. Starbucks has discontinued its cinnamon syrup and is using cinnamon dolce instead. Noooooooooooooooooo! I was quite distraught when I stopped in for a holy CSM and got the news. The baristas were very concerned and asked me with worried expressions if I had tried the cinnamon dolce syrup yet. I had not because until last week, there was not a need to. Alas. On the plus side, one of the baristas – knowing of my deep CSM love – went rooting around in a cabinet and gave me a bottle of the old syrup. WHEEEE! It’s one of those big bottles too. I guess in the barista’s mind, they couldn’t sell it and couldn’t use it so I might as well take it. I love my baristas!

BTW, the cinnamon dolce isn’t as good. Sigh.

I’m starting up the food planning thing (again) which went…umm…well I at least stuck to the shopping list…mostly. Can I count that? Friday I went out shopping with all the crazies after work (ugh) and stuck to the list for quite a lot of the run. I did sort of purchase one random “shopping while hungry” item at Sam’s club (which probably counts as three random “shopping while hungry” purchases) but other than that, I stuck to my guns. The actual meals though didn’t exactly come out as I had planned. I totally blame my crazy WoW (the game) leveling coworker for mentioning Chinese because once that gets stuck in your head, tuna noodle casserole just can’t compete.

Mmmmm, Chinese.

Also on Friday, there was a bit of drama at work. Or was that Thursday? Anyway, the director sent out an e-mail saying that one of the Division heads had left the work place to pursue other opportunities. It was weirdly out of the blue too since the Division head didn’t seem like a complete screw up nor did it seem like the Division head had a intolerable disgruntlement going. Huh. Along with this sudden news, the director said that they wouldn’t be rehiring for the position but instead the remaining two Division heads would divide up the headless (heh) section and we’d go on like that. I’m kinda excited to see how this all rolls out because it’s a very different structuring in the work place.

I have to cook a chicken tonight because of the Chinese food thing of Saturday. At least I’ll get to cook me up some stock. I love cooking stock and it’s getting on towards real soup weather.

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