Hey, who said it could be fall yet? I walked out to the car today and discovered it was plastered with leaves…yellow leaves. I’m not ready for the cold, rainy days of fall…cut it out!

There was a bit of a to-do outside last night and when I stuck my head out the door to give a look see, I saw lots of little bits of stuff littering the lawn. I didn’t find whatever it was that was making the neighbor’s dogs go bugnuts, but that’s probably because my mind was stuck on the bits of lawn kruft. My eyes said “Hey! Leaves” and my brain said “Not leaves! It’s too early for leaves!” So I had to take a better look outside to see what was going on and lo! One of the branches of our ailing easement tree was turning gold. No worries! That tree’s sick anyway, it’s probably just the dead leaves from that one tiny branch. All over our lawn. Yeah, I’m sticking with that.

This morning though, I had to come to terms with the imminent approach of fall because the bug was peppered with yellowed ash leaves and the easement tree is a maple. I can delude myself for a little while but sometime you have to face the cold, hard facts. Folks, I do think we’ve officially entered into fall.

This is not all bad because fall means that it is officially stock making season and I love me some stock making. It’s also cider season and if there’s one thing that just might smell better than simmering home made stock, it’s simmering hot apple cider. Plus, I’m all revved for turkey sales later on in November. Baby needs a turkey carcass to boil down! Fall is totally the best cooking season, especially if the weather holds out and it’s still nice enough to grill.

Hmmm…if Meijer’s has their two dollar turkey sale again this year will there be enough space to fit three birds in the freezer? I might can swing two birds, perhaps I’ll get three birds and cook one up post haste and just cram the stock in the freezer. We might need a bigger freezer, or maybe a less stock enthusiastic boo.

Speaking of cooking, I made a fabulous chicken last night that surprised even me. I have no idea what I did, but it was darned fine tasty. The credit should probably go to the fresh chives I harvested from the herb garden. Mmmm, fresh garden stuff is awesome if it hasn’t been eaten by rodents or hasn’t up and decided that it isn’t going to fruit. Next year I should just come to terms with my garden failure and plant only hot peppers and chives. Take that you garden eating furry menaces!

Tonight my plans are to strip my delicious chicken of all its meat and toss the bones into a stock pot to boil. Muahahahahahaha! And also Mmmmmm.

Don’t bother me, I’m soaking up some engine warmth here.
(photo courtesy of TheMan. And Boots)

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Hey, those leaves on the car look suspiciously like paper cranes…

  2. Boo Says:

    …and a cat! Yeah, those would be the insane crane posse and not infact, said leaves. TheMan took this pic yesterday before fall got all up in our grill.

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