The Friday Five 9-14-07

Five Random Pics hanging around on my desktop! Or in other words, TheMan took one look at the stuff I keep loafing around on my computer and said “You know, I think I figured out why your system is running so slow”.

Ahhhh…oops. Heh.

Oi! Arrgh! So many yard beautification projects to do!! I’m way behind in my ‘schedule’ to the point that I do believe the back of the house thing will have to be next spring’s gig. I was hoping to chunk out this little bit of kudzuation as part of the 2008 garden project extravaganza but having not gotten to the back of the house or the lilac mess this year means that everything is pushed back. I guess I now have a garden project for 2009 right?

COSMO!!!! I got a bunch of seeds from Bubbles and look! Pretty flowers. They grew really, really tall…much taller than I thought they would be. I think last time I went out to give them a look see they were about two feet high. I was expecting a foot maybe? Perhaps I ought to actually read the back of the seed packets next time.

Snoozy sleepy kitty.

Ahhh…our poor, poor coffee bathed radio of yore. *sniff* We got a new one though and it plays CDs too. So…ummm…the lesson here is that…coffee is expensive? Yeah…

My Favorite Asian Grocery Store. I’m thinking of doing up a page on the JSFR with all the places I get snack foods. So far I’ve gotten two of them which leaves errr only two more? That can’t be right. hrmmmm.

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    Oh sweet, the cosmos turned out very cute. Mine were kinda meh, but I had them in pots.

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