A Zombie Picto Weekend

Friday night the zombies decided that they didn’t want to make dinner so they wandered over to Big 10 Burrito and got them some eats. MRRRH!

Besides, it was payday.

After the world’s best burritos, the zombies decided to catch a little TV. Ahhhh…nothing like a little Friday night SG-1 action. Hrrh.

After the TV got boring the zombies jumped on the computer for a little surfing. Sadly, they found nothing worthwhile on teh intertubes and all the pictures they found of brains tasted like computer screen. Grrn.

Saturday. Mrrrrhhhhhh. The zombies got up early for the first ever WoW multi guild horde raid. Urrrgh.

Brrhrrh! Cinnamon Braaaaains.

Apparently, the big WoW thing was planned for Sunday, not Saturday. Well, as long as the computer was fired up why not play a lowbie? Besides, they die much easier. Mmmmm…dead WoW toon.

Playing Warcraft takes a lot out of a zombie so an afternoon nap is the perfect answer. However, the Little Kitty isn’t so happy about where the zombies choose to crash.

I’m…not sure who is getting the upper hand here.

Little Kitty convinced the zombies that they really didn’t want to sleep on her so they trundled up to the pillow. Mmmm, nap. Mrh!

Saturday night was girls night out but the zombies couldn’t remember what gender they were. They opted to stay home just to be safe.

Girls night out went until 2am. Brrrhhh! CSM brains.

The Warcraft thing is scheduled for 3pm which leaves enough time to go shopping. The zombies opted out which means that they had to put the food away. Carrot braaaains.

Sadly, Meijers had no pumpkins so there was no pie to be had. The zombies were very sad. They were really looking forward to some pumpkin guttin action.

The zombies put in a couple loads of laundry. Mrrrh!

Sunday afternoon it was WoWing with three other guilds in our first raid. We…ummm…well the zombies had fun.

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