Happy Birthday, No Pie Today

Sucks to be You.

Although I did cook up the pumpkins so we are ever so much closer to pie. Pie that was supposed to come into work on Monday to celebrate a Sunday birthday. Can I help it if Meijers is on crack? OK, I can understand no pumpkins yet, although Kroger is getting the lion’s share of pumpkin purchases seeings as they HAVE pumpkins, but garlic? I couldn’t find garlic either. Parmesan cheese? Nope. It’s not like I was looking for red speckled egg fish butter folks! Gar! Lic!

And they were stocking the store at 2 bloody PM in the afternoon. Because…nobody ever goes shopping at 2PM on a Sunday? Crimony, it’s a 24 hour store, you think they might schedule restock at…oh…maybe 2 in the morning? I’m just sayin. I’m also sayin that this experience is not endearing me to the store much. Especially since the lack of pumpkin and garlic necessitated a trip to K-Roget’s after work, which I hate doing. At least K-Roget’s wasn’t restocking in the middle of the after work grocery rush. I also got my garlic, cheese, pumpkins and Crystal light stuff (which I couldn’t find at Meijer’s either but by that time I just gave up after not happening by the powdered stuff aisle in my wanderings. Life is too short to figure out where Meijer’s is shelving things these days).

I think I finally wound up home somewhere on the shy side of 7, had dinner, prepped vegetables for roasting and then discovered why you wrap garlic up when you roast it. At least the house smelled deliciously of roast garlic even if the kitchen might have become a tad caustic. So no pie was made on Monday on account of my eyes burning the rest of the night from vaporized garlic. They didn’t burn so much that I couldn’t pop in the pumpkins to bake however. At least I could get some part of the pie prepped and that was better than nothing right? Wrong! A word of caution: Roasted veggies smell divine, baked pumpkin smells divine, the two smells over the top of each other smell…not so much divine.

The garlic sting was strong enough that I didn’t even play much WoW (the game). I logged onto a lowbie for about a half hour and dinked around with trade skills but even that wasn’t very comfortable. Garlic infused eyeballs do not like looking at monitors I guess. I think I went to sleep after that. Garlic eyeballs like sleep.

Today I had to tell the birthday boy that he wasn’t going to be getting pie. Again. Because the garlic exploded. At least I got the pumpkins all baked up so the pie is closer to being done. He might get pie by the end of the week at this rate. PIE!

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