Random Thoughts

I started thinking about this yesterday with the milk duds but decided to recap the weekend instead. To those of you who get glassy eyed with the length of my entries, this should be a treat. For those of you who have a hard enough time hanging on during my subject changes, well, you might just want to get off this ride now.

Rolos so kick Milk Dud’s ass. Don’t even bother to argue, you know it’s true.

I hate feet. Hate them. Don’t even like my own feet. Feh. BUT, I love looking down at my painted toe nails. Mind you, I aint touching them because they are on my feet (ew!) and I hate feet but every time I look down at my ten bits of colorful goodness I say to myself “Look! Shiny! Colors! Wheee!” and I am all happy inside. I am a freak.

I need to change the color of my toes. I am bored with bright Sea Foam green. Bored Now. The problem is that none of the other colors I have scream out “Pick me to grace your toes, oh magnificent one!” (and if your nail polish does not suck up to you like this on a regular basis then you really ought to think about getting new polish. No really.) Feh. Nail polish ennui…and TheMan can’t understand why 20 bottles of polish are insufficient for my needs. I just might paint my toes a couple of different colors. We shall see, but tonight Sea Foam has GOT to go.

Melon. Still a very fun word to say. Mmmmmmmmmmmelon.

I did not do any gardening yesterday because A. My back still hurts and I really need to take it easy and B. my blisters are not even close to healed. One is still oozing. I was right proud of myself for not doing any garden work, I showed amazing self restraint.

The IT guy has come up with a New Theory™ about why one of our computers wont defrag itself. I am skeptical but we will go along with New Theory™ and humor him. For the record, I think he’s smoking crack. Good crack, but crack none the less.

I love my powerbook. Love love love. I heard the happy “brrrrrrahDING” of a Mac start up yesterday and thought “Oh a Mac” without realizing that I was at work hearing a Mac. The school doesn’t support Macs (which sucks large moss covered rocks) so occasionally I will see an iBook or two among the throng of PC clones but yesterday I saw my first powerbook. Four years, one powerbook. I hate Microsoft. I smiled even more when I saw some poor schmuck lugging his three inch thick PC whatever with the teeny tiny screen around. My thin, disc drive having, 15 inch screen, faster than light, cool back lit apple, styling titanium case, graphics master, firewire built in powerbook rocks. Your PC lap top? The Milk Dud to my Rolo powerbook.

TheMan got a new deedelt Sunday (as his old deedelt became a cat toy with somewhat disastrous results) and it is pretty neat. It has a color screen, for starters, is thinner, does this drawing thingit thing and has a built in camera. PLUS, we got all sorts of cool stuff when we bought it because they were having a “buy this, get all sorts of cool stuff” promo. We even got Sym City to play on it. Sym City on a PDA! That rocks.

Four Months until I am the new Mrs. Q! I need to make more frogs.

The bug is in the shop today (until Friday) so we are commuting in with the behemoth. Good: People tend to respect the size and mass of a full sized pick up (with a cap. Very important that in the size illusion) so the road crazies tend not to yank your chain too much. Bad: Parking. I am parked all the way down in the second lot because I couldn’t fit into the first parking space I saw (that I usually park in with the bug) and the second one just wasn’t working when I squeezed into it, so I moseyed way down of down to the back of the secondary lot so I could pull out without the usual 17 point turn thing. I am the master at the 17 point turn.

Work is going relatively well. No complaints and not a whole lot to fuss about. Oh, except the mail and the check lists. The world stops if I forget those. *chucklesnort*

I am going to send my G’ma flowers because I keep forgetting to send her letters out. I am backed up by two months and need to write a July letter to boot. Besides, it’s good to send your g’ma flowers every once in a while just because. TheMan’s G’ma is getting flowers too, but it is her birthday this Friday.

That’s about every random thought that is currently occupying my head so I’ll leave off here. I’m going to go see if Alessar wants to go walking or not. I’ve got the “gotta be outside” walking blues.

And now, because I woke up singing it and it Will. Not. Leave. My. Head!

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
and there’s no tenderness like before in your finger tips.
You’re trying hard not to show it,
But baby, baby I know it:

You’ve lost that loving feeling,
Woah-oh that loving feeling.
You’ve lost that loving feeling
And now it’s gone…gone…gone.

3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. dirge Says:

    If that isn’t a “shiny things” entry, I don’t know what is. Those are pixie sticks you’ve been snorting, right?

    Get back to your check-list!

  2. boo Says:

    Heh, did I not say right up front that this entry was going to be a wild ride? I like it though, I’m going to have to add a category now called “Shiny!” (in to which most of my entries will most likely fall).

    My lovely assistant was back today so no more check lists for me! Doing the happy dance.

  3. susan Says:

    Your entries always make me giggle, but this one was the all time giggle-inducing winner. You’re on crack about Rolos, though. Milk Duds are the candy of champions!