What better thing to make for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” than pake? Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING!

So the big debate is: If you make a pie and it isn’t round, have you still made a pie? I finally got around to making birthday pumpkin pie with gingerbread crumb crust last night and decided to make it (them, I made 2.25 pumpkin things) in spring form pans. Why? Because they had a gingerbread crumb crust and crumb crusts = spring form pans. Besides, why not? The birthday pie I put in my square spring form pan (it’s my biggest spring form pan and also square spring form pan!) which apparently confused a couple people when I told them there was pie. One of them said that they went looking for the pie but couldn’t find it. They also wanted to know who brought in that square thing and what was that?

Ahhhh…pie. That’s the pie. Which is, granted, square like a cake but it is still pie. OK, will you be happier if I called it pake? Well then pake it is.

I did a little ‘sperimenting with the crumb crust which resulted in some good notes for next time. One: Get better gingerbread cookies, preferably ones with flavor. Two: Crust needs less cement like quality and more crust like quality. It was good, just fused to the pan. At least I could lay to rest any fears of the pake falling out if gravity suddenly went awry and caused everyone to float around upsideown. We managed to get pieces of pake loose by cutting off the bottom layer of crust so all was good. I make a mean pumpkin pie if I do say so myself, just needs a little work on the bottom end.

In completely unrelated pie news, I’ve been doing some Smithee thinks lately. We’ve officially accepted the invite to ConBust (SQUEEE! They liked us! They really liked us! They invited is back!) so I got to thinking and planning Smithee buttons. I really want to get a different button making system because the one I have (looks very similar to these here) does alright if you are pressing a couple buttons but after an hour cramping and blisters ensue. We even made a squidgie for the pressing arm and still we have to rotate out pressers. I also find that you have to stomp the die kits just so, otherwise bad things happen. Still, it’s valiantly served its purpose for the four or five years we’ve had it.

What I really want, is one of these fellas. They are a bit pricier and only make one size per machine (the Badge-a-minute press can make as many sizes as you have dies for; I have 2 sizes) but look at the simplicity! It’s already got a scoodgie handle and the dies stay put so all you have to do is load in the parts and stomp, stomp, stomp the handle. Well, there is some die rotating involved too but it is a far less complicated set up. I’m thinking too that it might make better buttons for people not necessarily uber trained in button squishing. Badge-a-minute can get tetchy if your die stomping fu isn’t up to snuff.

I sent away for a free catalog and sample buttons since I can’t really justify getting an entirely new button press if I’ve already got a button press…unless the new one makes fantabulous buttons. Maybe. I’m leaning towards getting one of these anyhow if we do an official Origins event of Buttons in the Breezeway ‘cuz this boo ain’t pressing three zillion on demand buttons with the Badge-a-minute set up. We can always bring both and have two pressers right? Right!

Anyway, buttons! I’ve decided on the quote and last night TheMan and I came up with a pretty good ninja idea. My plan is to start with the buttoning in January and hopefully, have them all done before there is a time crunch to have to get them done. It’d be nice to have some stock before we get to Origins next year.

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