Non Gardening Surprise Puppy Weekend

Well grr. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend wherein I conquered the garden! Huzzah! Except Saturday I had some sort of ill that lured me into “dozing off” (and by dozing I mean sleeping like the dead) from the hours of 9 to 12. The world could have ended and I wouldn’t have known anything was going on. We played a little Warcraft when I finally woke up but after a couple hours of boogering around I was thoroughly exhausted and took a nap. I think I got up for dinner at 6 and then went to bed early. Big ball of HATE for head plody no garden Saturday.

Sunday began at the crack of 8:30 when Rob called asking if he could borrow our internet connection. Apparently, he had a big tele-intranet conference install/fixit thing scheduled to do for work which meant, of course, his network provider crapped out. Oh, they said they would get right on it and have things figured out by Monday but apparently whatever it was had to be done, up and running by then. So, in exchange for breakfast (Angelo’s!) we let Rob camp out in our living room and do his network stuff.

What we hadn’t realized was that Rob was also in charge of the puppy Saturday. Oi. Mel is…3 months old? 6 months old? Well bouncy chewy on everything months old anyway and our house is not puppy proof. At all. And our house has resident cats which were not so enthused about sharing space with a bouncy, chewy, hyper golden lab puppy. We had the weirdoes sequestered downstairs for a while which worked well in terms of keeping the dog and the cats apart but it also kept Isaak apart from his beloved cat mom.

We heard about that. For hours. Siamese have them some lungs and the know-how to use them if they put their mind to it. Finally I scooped the howling cat up and bundled him off to the computer room where I was hanging out (Warcraft!). He seemed to be content with that and spent the rest of the afternoon alternately snoozing or being very worried whenever I left.

We did our Warcraft thing, which went OK more or less and then Europe broke. The scoop I got was that Rob’s work was implementing a massive software upgrade of the likes no man has ever witnessed before, globally across the board. I have no idea why people think this sort of thing is a good idea because it never goes off as planned. Never. The next thing you know you’ve gone and broken Europe and someone’s gotta fix it before the following work day or the company loses a million bazillion dollars. I went to bed with the fate of Europe still at large but as I understand it, sometime around 1am Europe was fixed. Japan, on the other hand, is still screwed…probably because the battery on our phone’s hand set went dead after Europe was resurrected.

Sadly, Mel the hyper fluffy puppy of doom did more damage than good towards my “Convince TheMan that a dog is a really cool thing” campaign. It’s not that Mel did anything wrong (well, taking a dump in the living room wasn’t exactly right but puppies will be puppies I guess) but Mel did what a puppy does and I don’t think either of us were prepared to puppy wrangle that day. It takes a certain amount of mental wherewithal to be in a puppy state of mind and if you don’t have to be there you probably aren’t. As a general rule at least. In fact, I may be having second thoughts about owning a puppy after Mel’s visit yesterday. Can you get a dog that has spontaneously popped into being so you don’t have to deal with the puppy years but also don’t have to deal with someone else’s bad puppy rearing traits?

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