The Friday Picto Five 9-28-07

TheMan might be getting into this picture scanning project as he just up and said outta the blue “So. What’s the next photo album?” Oh SQUEEE! More pictures to upload (and share with y’all). So I eyeballed the albums and decided to go with the red cloth covered one because it’s…ahhh…sorta next chronologically. Just ignore the fact that the first half is wedding pictured from my parents and the odd out of time shot here or there and it fits decently after the green book. Sorta. Anyway! Onward!

1. This is a pic of my maternal grandparents at my parent’s wedding. I can’t tell if that smile on my grandma’s face is “I’m so happy my daughter is marrying a nice boy” or “I’m taking bets that they will be divorced in five years and I might even be fixing the game but I sure as hell am not telling you about it”. Hard to tell with my grandma sometimes. She had a notorious hate for my dad and my uncle’s wife but not that she’d ever let on because that just wasn’t polite. Instead it’d be a throw away Christmas gift here, a birthday card with no check there (blood relatives always got checks). In hind sight, maybe my grandma was clairvoyant and knew how things would all turn out.

My grandpa, on the other hand, pretty much always looked whimsical. He also kept a lot of his hair color right up until he died. I think he was just going from a steel gray to a definitely gray gray and he was in his 70s? Grandma started going gray when she was 15 or something like that. Those two were like a pea and a cantaloupe in a pod. No wait, a cantaloupe is round. OK, a pea and a banana in a pod, but boy did they ever love the beegeebus out of each other.

Also, TheMan pointed out the tux color here. White. Nuff said, I think.

2. At the ‘rents wedding again, this time with my paternal grandfather and the afore mentioned aunt (mother’s brother’s wife). I love this pic because…is my grandpa giving my aunt the finger? She doesn’t look like she minds too much. Maybe she’s taking notes.

3. This is my dad studying for his master’s degree with help from the cat. Cats love to help with homework, especially the writing part. Or more accurately, the end of the writing part. That is waving around. AND MUST BE CONQUERED!!!!!!!! My weirdoes love to gnaw on a well placed eraser or pen butt, it’s totally a cat thing. This is another favorite pic of my dad and a nice one of the cat Gretel.

4. OK this is my paternal grandparent’s house and a bunch of people I can’t really recognize because they are sort of fuzzy but that’s not the point here. The point of this pic is that this is some sort of gathering which meant that a group pic had to be taken. Every single family gathering I ever went to we had to all line up at some point in the festivities to get our picture taken. Sometimes we even did the picture line up of shame when there was a large gathering of (non related) peeps hanging around for something specific. My dad was a picture lining up fool (and also legendary for the five minute set up prep and the “just one more” yodel) but I don’t think he’s the photographer here as I can’t seem to find a blurry grandpa shape anywhere. This just goes to show that the whole picture thing spans generations and the goofy lining up by height does as well.

5. Last pic! This is Gretel from above with her litter of kittens. As I understand the story, my mumses and dad went to a lot of trouble to make the cat a nice comfy birthing box with a soft fluffy towel and put it somewhere mildly secluded but the cat had different ideas. She up and commandeered a desk drawer for her and her litter. I have no idea why cats do these weird things because she looks about as comfortable as a size 9 cat can bee in a size 6 drawer. Plus kittens. Gretel was the ‘smart’ one too!

Stay tuned for more Friday picto fun because this was only half the red cloth photo album! I do believe the best bath tub shot ever and the camping pic are yet to come, plus there’s an entire third album (also red) yet to be scanned.

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