Well that went well. Hi! I’m boo. You know, the person who used to write here? Yeah…

I’m going to blame work, where I usually have time to hack out an entry, for sucking up my updates. Not that work is sucking, because it’s pretty even keel here, but because we’re doing some major rearranging of things and stuff and people and positions so there’s a lot of little even keel stuff to do. Thus, no updating. Also no lunch for a couple days but eh.

I also came down with the illin yesterday and today and for whatever reason I don’t like updating at home as much as I do at work. I like playing Warcraft much more at home (because I can’t play it at work) so I did a lot of that when I wasn’t sleeping. Oh I slept too so it wasn’t a pansy illin. Nope. I figure if you sleep until noon and then play Warcraft until 3 and are bone tired for it, the body is telling you that it’s not performing up to snuff. I did amuse myself by running my level 31 priest character to the ultra newbie zone and actually picking up about five n00b quests. I have no idea why they let you do that when you are about 28-30 levels higher than the quest but they do. I got a chunk o’ rep out of it too but my favorite favorite part was putting the smack down on the beginner mobs. Hee. Look at me, I’m a holy specced priest and I’m burning mobs down! I had carnage everywhere and it was stupid fun.

I got no gardening done, on account of the sick and on account of I didn’t get it done but I think I’m going to do a truck run and get some more mulch this weekend. The new front garden really needs another inch of mulch (and way less moles. Fuckers) and I’m thinking of mulching up my strawberries…as soon as I find them. Stoopid violets. I just had the dawning realization that I won’t need to dig up around the strawberries so I can throw down some chips to keep them violet free once I liberate them. Sometimes I are really Smrt! I also have to get some burlap or something of the ilk to wrap my roses. My Jacob’s Dreamcoat is going bonkers and I’d be awfully sad if it died back like the Fourth of July did. I also need to wrap up the Fourth of July climber rose because it has finally! come back from being frozen last winter.

Oooo! I’ll have to get a pic for y’all but my transplanted crazy rose started to grow like a happy, crazy growy thing this past month. Both little crazy roses have been doing OK (they also had a little trouble with the cold but the roots held so they didn’t totally die out) but something has caused the crazy rose in the new front garden to suddenly be full of yay and start actually shooting out rose bush like stalks (canes?). It’s like a tiny little bushlet! Awwwwww. I also didn’t lose any of my transplanted periwinkle which pleases me to no end. Old new front garden is finally filling out with the ground cover and New new front garden is gettin on with the establishin of ground cover. I’m feeling garden accomplished despite my serious garden lazy.

OK, that’s all I got for you. Tune in tomorrow for some boo family photo album picto fun! You know you want to!

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