Hello and welcome to October! I thought I might update a smidge so here’s a bit of a weekend recap.

Yesterday I actually got off my gardening duff and puttered the truck out to get some garden supplies. Yeah, I know. Shocked me too! But the front garden isn’t going to mulch itself and the truck needed to be driven anyway so off I went. I did call up LunarGeography to see if she wanted anything and she ordered up three bags of dirt. TheRCK had also put in an order for one bag of dirt and one bag of mulch so I felt all truck justified motoring around in my gas guzzler.

I came, I saw, I bought garden stuffs and then moseyed over to LG’s place to drop her dirt off. I love it that they live so close now! Then I puttered home to discover my tricksy planning resulted in me blocking the bug from road freedom with my big ol’ honkin truck. Hrrrm! Not so tricksy, someone was going to have to switch vehicles around before I had to leave for work the next day. Man, that’s a pain. But then I came up with THE PLAN and THE PLAN was so awesomely excellent (and didn’t involve swapping vehicles) that I adopted it immediately and all was good. See, after I evicted my stuff there was still TheRCK’s stuff loafing around so I stood around a bit wondering what to do with it (while not actually doing anything at all with it – mostly because it was hev-ey and I didn’t want to be throwing that bag o’ dirt around anymore than I had to) when it struck me: I could drive the truck in on Monday and deliver her stuffs! And thus THE PLAN, which allowed me to not evict a bag o’ dirt and a bag o’ mulch and also to be a lazy butt and not switch the cars. I was a genius!

So of course it’s been raining all morning like someone accidentally left Niagara Falls lying around. That bag o’ dirt is going to be even more hev-ey by the time I get outta work. Wah *sniffle*.

The other reason that my genius PLAN was so brilliant yesterday was that I also parked in LunarGeography and Badmovie who were over for some grillin and Smitheeage. Where there’s Smitheeage, there’s booz and who am I to say no to a tequila sunrise? So no major impaired car drivage had to actually occur if I were to take the truck in since backing out and then into the same driveway is fairly safe. Win-win!

Well all except the Smitheeage. Badmovie had the idea to vet the 2008 clips with all of us instead of just he and TheMan going through them while doing their magic Smithee stuff. I’ve never actually seen the raw clips out there unpolished and…owwie! I had not realized how pretty TheMan makes those clips. Also, these were the captured bits which include lead in time and lead out time for editing as well as a good chunk of the scene which most likely will get clipped all nice and short. OWWIE! At least I got to see Rats! again and Badmovie’s clips which include the funniest Alas by sleeping bag swinging Big Foot. Hee!

Did I do anything Sunday morning? Probably Warcraft.

Saturday we did our first Warcraft Heroic setting instance which was pretty cool. I’d regale you with all the this-and-that but basically it all boils down to: We killed stuff and then we got phat lewtz. The End. Hmmm, that explains a lot of Warcraft unless you’re boogering around doing stoopid shit. In that case edit the above to read: We were stoopid and probably got ourselves excessively killed but had a blast anyway. There, that’s Warcraft in two nutshells. Anyway, what I wanted to relate to y’all about Warcraft really wasn’t about Warcraft at all but rather about one of the guildies who was playing Warcraft with us. He’s about 14 years old and…wow. 14 year olds have a lot of enthusiasms don’t they? I feel old. Anyway, young guildie is always jabbering on about this or that and sometime I just want to say “Look guildie, I’m old and I need a little bitty quiet time now MmmKay? Thanks” but I don’t think he can really help being 14 years old and…well…enthusiastic. That doesn’t stop me form taking the headphones off sometimes and getting all Zen with the Warcrafting if things get a little too much.

Anyway, young guildie was randomly jamming with his tunes over the head set, which he does quite a lot (and which I’ve learned to tune out) but Saturday I was all “Wait…what did you just say? Did I just hear you sing “Some people call me a space cowboy???” Dude…you’re 14, what the hell are you doing listening to Steve Miller?” I expected to be totally wrong about the song but as it turns out, young guildie really digs the Steve Miller Band. He diggs it so much that he had the Joker on continual play the entire time we were doing the Heroic instance as I kept hearing that distinctive “Whooo-whaaah” every now and then. We mocked him a little for that but mostly we were vastly amused. 14 and he’s all into a band that was big in the early 70s. Wild.

Friday was the Amber game, which went very well and also at which I over sugared because TheRCK had a bag of caramel candy corn. That stuff wrocks, yo. I don’t remember much of the night after face planting in the candy corns. Yum!

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