Apparently this month is NaNoBlogMo or something which, if I’ve interpreted things correctly, means that participants are supposed to blog every day of the month. Maybe. I didn’t investigate too deep because I already do the same sort of thing in December (started in ought five) and I’m WAY too lazy to do two months of solid posting. Besides, they probably have something against post dating and around here that’s a tradition. Look at today! So yeah, my frequent post dating would probably disqualify me. Also, I’m not sure how they would count the weekend JSFR links because that’s all I really want to do on the weekends considering I’m writing a full entry over at the Review. I’m nothing if not lazy.

Something I didn’t mention about the weekend plans was that I totally forgot to get rose wrapping so I’m going to have to go out again for that, and I didn’t get a whole bunch of seasonal stuff despite my really wanting to. OH! You should have seen the Halloween decorations at Meijers. I get all asquee about Halloween anyway and they had some right fine squeeable stuff out on display. I did not get a small midgie sized ghostie bear Beanie Baby that matches my regular sized ghostie bear Beanie Baby, nor did I get the tiny orange version of same said ghostie midgie bear. I also didn’t get a cute itty bitty stuffed pumpkin, some awesome nail polish, rad spiders or a cool string of black lights. I might have gotten a string of eye ball icicle lights but if I did I was totally justified because they were marked down in price.

OK, so maybe I wasn’t all that great but dude. Eyeball lights…in icicle configuration!

It stopped raining sometime around noon so TheRCK’s bag o’ soil only absorbed 3 metric tons of water rather than the 8 I was afraid it was going to. Bonus! I also happened by the Most Korean of Asian Grocery stores and picked up some kim chi, a large bottle of chili oil and more mochi. Ummm…my other mochi apparently had an evaporation problem in my freezer so I had to get more. I really need to write the new mochi up before it similarly evaporates. It’s no chocolate-chocolate but I’d get it as a second run flavor for sure. Mmmmm.

Where has all the chocolate-chocolate mochi gone anyway? It’s like the ultra rare spawn of mochi I’m tellin you.

My last bit of fun for today is that we’re gearing up for a department potluck tomorrow. I love me some potluckin’ action and we haven’t had one in years. I have no idea why, we used to have them pretty regularly and then the big black hole of nothing. I think maybe people all got fat and stopped eating. Anyway, some of us were talking about the lack of potluck fun and decided to resurrect the department potluck. The plan is to do a seasonal thing so we don’t get burned out but still have a little bit o’ fun. I’m making lentil soup for tomorrow!

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