Friday Five Picto Post 10-5-07

Once again it’s into the foray of the picto-five. You know what? I just had an awesomely cool idea in favor of the NaNoBlogMo: A picture a day! Now that I have a locking desk and my stuff isn’t likely to go on walkabout, I can bring the camera into work and snap any pretty pics I might find along the way. I might even get in early early with a tripod and take some morning Quad pics. The quad is serenely gorgeous in the still hours of the morning, especially if it has snowed overnight. Not that it does in November but it might!

IMAGE ONE: No snow yet so there’s still some time for my crazy rose to get on with the rosing. Look at that! He’s taken off all big people bushy like. Awwwww. *sniff* they grow up so fast. The other little crazy rose hasn’t yet gotten his enthusiasms in order and is still a tiny growing thing. That’s OK, maybe the Old New Garden Crazy Rose (this one is in the New New Garden) will be a fine dense bushy bush for it.

You know, I hope that this fella’s little growth spurt isn’t a sucker branch. Cane. Whatever. I guess I’ll know by next year. Go little rose go!

IMAGE TWO: The eyeball icicles, they live! I stuck these up…oh…Sunday? Monday? I can’t remember but I don’t think it was the day I bought them, which is kinda odd. Maybe the fact that I came home a wee bit past the time we were supposed to be hosting Badmove and LunarGeography had something to do with not immediately ripping the eyeballs (ow!) out of their package (OW!) and sticking them in the window. I did eventually (most likely Sunday) and then decided I had to get a pic for y’all to see. EYE BALL! ICICLES!


I’d show you my other SQUEE purchase from our trip to Kinko’s on Wednesday but I can’t. I caved and picked up an incredibly cute Beanie Baby Bat (he’s so TINY! and Sparkly!) and a little ghostie (but not the bear ghosties I saw at Meijer’s) bearing a pumpkin that made me giggle. We then went to LunarGeography and Badmovie’s house for the Wednesday game where I showed off my ghostie purchase. When it came time to go home, ghostie was no where to be found and I looked and looked. I failed to look in LunarGeography’s special ghostie place though so when I asked if anyone had seen ghostie, she looked bummed and spirited him/her/it away from his/her/its happy ghostie place. One should never spirit a spirit away from their happy ghostie place so I said he/she/it could stay. Besides, I think LunarGeography really took a shine to the ghostie, more so than I did. You gotta let the ghostie stay in those cases you know?

PICTURES THREE! This is a bonus three for one pictures because I liked the progression. I was boogering around with the macro setting and getting some shots of Little Kitty sleeping. In the first pic, she’s sort of doing that cat spacing doze where they’re sort of waiting for something to happen or to be completely asleep. In the second shot, she has registered the camera and is more, “… … …ahhhh…what?” Then, in picture three, she’s trying to figure out why I’m still making clicky noises with that black thing and not petting her. Well? Why!

PICTURE FOUR! Because Stuff on my cat is awesome.

PICTURE FIVE! This is from the great Memorial Day Hike of…umm…ought seven? Ought Six? Hold on…Ought six. I looked it up. Anyway, this fell made a neat web (which I wish were more in focus) on the bridge supports at Sugarloaf Mountain. So I snapped a pic. And then promptly forgot about it until I was looking through my pics to post folder. Oh yeah. Spider. So there you go.

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