Totally Missing an Opportunity

I did a little looking into NaNoBlogMo (which is really NaBloPoMo) and fuck me if I can remember what it stands for. I’ve just barely got a handle on what NaNoWriMo stands for and only because I think I have the expanded name written down on the front side of my math center. How else can I explain the fact that I roll my eyes back into my head every single time I have to come up with “National Novel Writing Month”? Besides, it’s not like I’m really using my math center. As long as I keep my 8s multiplication table so I can fill out my time sheet NaNoWriMo might as well have the rest of them. NaBloPoMo? Not enough room on my multiplication tables to fit both I’m afraid. Besides, that has got to be the stupidest sounding acronym (squishronym?). Ever.

I do want to say that when I told TheMan about NaNoBlogMo, which is what I’ll be calling it from here on out he immediately coined the phrase “NaNoBlowMe” and made me all sad. Apparently my math center sits close enough to my creative naming center that the real-estate repurposed in the first has slopped over into the second. Why couldn’t *I* think of NaNoBlowMe? That’s freekin clever. All I got was NaNoWhateverMo. I sux0r the creative yo.

Anyhow, I moseyed over to NaNoWhateverMo and looked up the details to find that lo! They are just sending out the call and getting people all revved up for the whole shebang…which will start in November. Well. November. Not that I’ll get any less lazy but it does give me a chance to mull it over (and get some JSFs and picto Fridays queued up). Can I do two full months of updating? More importantly, do I want to give up teh lazy for two months? On one hand, by doing double JSFR weekend entries I’ll be a little closer to an over all average of one JSFR a week (which I’d kinda like to achieve) and if I front load JSFRs and Friday Picto Posts (luck you guys!) I’ll only really have to come up with four days of original babbling. On the other hand…8 weeks of solid posting? Wow. That’s like work.

I’m going to bounce the idea around in my head for a bit and see how I like it as November draws nearer. If I do decide to tackle this thing, I’m going to lay down some boo ground rules. ONE! Post dating is perfectly acceptable. The usual December rules will apply…which I think are ‘post dating only allowed within a week of the post date’. TWO! I’m going to continue to only post notification blurbits for the JSFR on the weekend instead of a real entry. I’ve already done a real entry over at the Review and I put my foot down at doing double duty.

I’m not promising anything but right now I’m feeling spicy enough to think this might be fun! Tune in later when reality has had a chance to set in.


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