The Friday Five!

The where and whyfore of peeps!

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?

The first best friend I had that I remember was Jani. She was this really shy kid down the block and we were inseparable from nursery school to third grade when I moved. A pox on moving! We could have been bestest buds all the way through school. *sniff*

2. Are you still in touch with this person?

Nope. We moved a half hour away or so and ‘rents of third graders don’t want to be schlepping their kid over every weekend to the other kid’s house so we eventually grew apart. By 6th grade I think we were pretty much just fond memories in the other’s past. I did get in contact with her again when I was a senior in high school (and on the way over I killed the Mercury Moch) but I realized we had lived too much of our time apart and had just drifted. People do that.

3. Do you have a current close friend?

Does TheMan count? Hee! I suppose Dirge and Shar are my two closest friends really. I have a bad habit of losing contact with people when they move away. My bestest friend Karen from 6th grade through college sorta disappeared when she and her husband moved to…ummm…St. Louis? Heh, see? My bestest friend Erik and I kept in touch all the time he was in the Air force but when he eventually settled down in PA we just sorta stopped writing or calling. My bestest college bud Jer and I haven’t spoken since last year when I e-mailed him that I was getting married. Good grief, Tob! I haven’t talked to Tob in ages! My mumses keeps in better contact with Tob than I do. I am a lousy bestest friend it seems. Heh, a cheeto friend indeed!

4. How did you become friends with this person?

I lost track of who we were talking about. Oh right, Dirge and Shar. I met Dirge through Pumpkin’ Head who was running a game in the area. Dirge, who lived up north (but not north of north), used to drive down two hours every Saturday for a while to game with us. He quit that after a month or two (wife and two newborn twins and the drive put the kibosh on that I think) until the whole fam moved down here about a year or two later. Then I got to meet Shar, (and NutMeg, the CheeseMistress, and GodzillaLegs who are all insane!) and she is cool peeps as well.

5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?

Well, not really I suppose. I’d like to know what happened to them all, sure, but time kinda makes the distance wider and sometimes you just can never get back that tight friendship you once had. I’m sure if I got in touch with any of the bygones we’d be all “Hey! How are you doing? Really? Great!” and then there would be this long awkward pause until one of us said something like “Well, gosh it’s been good seeing you. I gotta run, catch you later eh?” and you both know it’s never going to happen because there really isn’t any thing to talk about anymore. Eh, that’s life y’know?

Hmmm, I think I’m going to e-mail my friend Jer and say hello.

One Response to “The Friday Five!”

  1. dirge Says:

    I’m too damn anti-social to loose track of. I’m always easy to find… the morose, violent looking one in the darkest cave around. That’s a great series of questions, though. I should take some time to think about those myself. Of course, my list of friends is exceedingly short, so it shouldn’t take too long.