Grrr and ARRRGH!

You know what I hate? I hate it when some stoopid is not paying attention to their driving and SMACKER you now have to deal with crunchy car.

On the way in to work this morning I had to stop for a line of traffic which was stopped for someone turning left. Now it wasn’t my usual lazy stop but it wasn’t a tire screecher lose your lunch on the floorboards of the car kind of stop either. I’d say it was on the short side of acceptable and I stopped with plenty of space between me and the car ahead of me. However. The college chickies behind me, who had been traveling with about a two car length space between us for quite a while, did not.

I’m fine, they’re fine, the bug – which took on a university bus four years ago in the same sort of accident and DENTED THE BUS’S BUMPER while only suffering minor cosmetic scratches – appears to be also fine. The college chick’s skylark thing, on the other hand, has a nice bug shaped crease along the driver’s side hood. The bug, s/he is one tough little customer. RARH!

(I’ll have to ask TheMan if the bug has a gender or not. His car, his rules.)

I was annoyed though. I didn’t want to have to deal with an accident and it was all because the other driver couldn’t or wouldn’t figure out a safe driving distance. I think “they” recommend a car length for every 10 miles of speed limit (45 in that stretch of road) because the faster a car goes, the longer it takes to stop. Not to mention reaction speed is a finite number and the faster you are going, the more pavement flies under you wheels as you think “Oh! Break lights! Let’s do that stopping thing too.” I suppose the chicks have paid the price for learning that lesson but I had to pay too and that’s a giant pain in the ass headache. Why do I have to suffer for someone else’s stupidity?

It’s been the week of stoopid car crunches as LunarGeography got T-boned this past Friday by someone trying to turn left THROUGH HER CAR. Hello? You know when they say “look both ways and check for traffic” before pulling out of a driveway? They probably assumed that they didn’t have to add “and also, if there is someone already in the left turn lane blocking your path, you shouldn’t pull out”. One would think that would be pretty obvious, but LunarGeography now has a totaled car that says otherwise. She’s fine – albeit a bit sore and shaken – but the car? I don’t think it’s going to make it, Cap’in. Also she’s out of a ride for minding her own traffic law obeying business because someone was careless and didn’t take time to look where they were going. That’s inconvenient.

Anyway, I got in and gave TheMan a call to ask if he could go out with the truck to the insurance people’s place and deal with some stuffity stuff. Which he agreed to, because he loves me lots of lots, but then called me back five minutes later saying that the truck wouldn’t start. ARRRRGH! Why?

The day progressed, I was cranky for having two cars on the injured list but I drove home accident free. Whooo! We inspected the bug and the scrape on the back bumper appears to be pretty much the other car’s paint and fairly easily buffed out. None of the bug’s body seams are popped or warped and all the doors are functioning like they had been pre-accident. We’re still having bizarre issues with the back hatch which will pop when you click the button but then relatch itself if you don’t lift the hatch in a couple seconds. I think that is from when we got plowed into by the two kids who were drag racing.

The truck…started up with a mild bit of coaxing. Well whew! I think it’s getting old and cranky in its age or maybe it likes its truck mom better. Whatever, the truck started roughly and then got down to the business of motoring in neutral. TheMan had noticed that the battery-o-meter was on the low side of normal when he had tried to start the truck earlier so we decided to let it idle for a half hour or so, just in case the battery was a bit cranky. So this we did. We had dinner, we cleaned up dinner, we watched a little TV, we played a little warcraft and then around 11:30 we battened down the hatches for the night. As usual I asked TheMan what we had planned for tomorrow and he said that he thought he’d take the truck in for –



Yeah. You saw that coming didn’t you? We totally forgot that we were letting the battery charge and left the truck running for five and a half hours. Shoot, we could have driven to the Mackinac Bridge in that amount of time and believe you me, I think the battery is as charged as it’s gonna get. Oi. I made TheMan go back outside after he shut the thing down to see how much gas it had guzzled happily motoring in place. He forgot to look the first time around. As it turns out, an 12 year old 4×4 F-150 will go through a quarter tank of gas idling for 5.5 hours. If you take in to account that actually going somewhere for that same amount of time will drain one and a half tanks, I’m thinking we’re up by one and a quarter tanks no?

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  1. Kevin Says:

    I love this story. This is one of my new Favorite Stories Ever. Holy Crap — the Truck!

  2. Sean K. Says:

    I suppose it makes sense for the car to remain unharmed in an accident – after all, one of the defining characteristics of beetles is the hard carapace. 😉

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