It’s never a good sign when you wake up at around the time you are supposed to be leaving for work.

Sigh. I never seem to really get caught up on mornings where I’ve slept in way, way too late. Normally, we have the first alarm set for “earlier than what I really need to get up for work” and the second alarm set for “you’ve got a snooze or two before you need to get up. sluggard” (we have a two alarm system. Wrock.) and that seems to work well. Mostly. At least when TheMan (for the alarm clock is on his side of the bed) isn’t turning both alarms off instead of smacking snooze. Maybe I ought to set the alarm on my Atomic Clock of Doom for the last possible minute I can sleep in because you never know when TheMan is going to be a snooze smackin fool or just plain turn the alarms off.

Sadly my alarm clock, although wikid cool (along with the time it’ll tell me both inside and outside temperatures AND the phase of the moon!), isn’t as easy to turn off. It’s one of those “can be wall mounted or free standing” jobbers so all the controls are on the face of the clock. To turn off the alarm, you have to poke the shut up button rather than giving it a good solid smack and since the feets aren’t gripper feets (of doom) the only thing that actually happens is that the clock ootches backwards. Beep-beep-beep poke scootcha. Beep-beep-beep Beep-beep-beep poke scootcha. Beep-beep-beep Beep-beep-beep poke scootcha. Beep-beep-beep Beep-beep-beep poke CRASH!!!

Beep-beep-beep Beep-beep-beep

What else has been going on at the house of Q? Hmmm. The Horde has built a base camp in the kitchen and I’m afraid napalm might be needed to eradicate them once and for all. Last week, I believe, I rolled up sleeves and put the smack down on them and managed to clear out the whole kit and caboodle but for a bowl or a glass or something. RARH! I thought that would do for at least a couple days but no. That one glass or bowl mitosed and within a day they were rebuilding the ruins of their base camp. What’s up with that? This past week TheMan has been working diligently to clear them out again and nothing seems to budge. For three solid days he’s been doing dishes and they just will not go away. Is someone coming over and putting their dirty dishes on our counter? Seriously. I’m about to crack out the paper plates and freezer meals here. Stoopid dishes!

When we’re not battling the Horde, we’re playing the Horde in WoW (the game). Cool segue eh? Anyway, they are having this in game Oktoberfest with cool prizes for playing drunk beer games and one of the rewards is a riding ram. I’m ALL about that for my little priest character. Walking sucks and you have to walk everywhere until you are 40 (unless you happen to have flight points to nearby areas but even those you have to walk to for the first time to “discover” and after that you have to walk to wherever it was that you were going to anyway since they never put flight points right next to the places you adventure). Then you get a riding thing and whooo! You can get places much, much faster.

Each race has a specific riding thing (like orcs get wolves, undead get skeletal horses, etc.) and the riding creature for my priest is…a chicken. I’m not riding a chicken. I think it’s supposed to be a Final Fantasyish Chocobo thing and it sorta looks like an ostrich but when you take a step back it’s really just a big ol’ riding chicken. That’s possibly the stupidest thing in game but there you go. Fortunately, it is possible to get a mount from another race but you really, really have to work at it. Nobody will sell you anything until you’re in super tight with that race so going cross race mount means doing any and all the quests for that particular race. Also, dropping a lot of gold to let them know you’re super cool helps too. Money seems to always smoothes over bureaucratic red tape.

I was going to go that route but then the Oktoberfest thing came along. Do you know what’s better than kowtowing to another race in order to get a respectable ride? Getting a free beer ram for doing stupid beer games, that’s what. WHOOOO! Sadly, you have to be 40 to get the ram and my priest is only 30ish. We’ve been leveling him like a mad thing to get 40 before the beer fest is over cuz I ain’t riding a chicken.

OK, from this point forward I’m probably just going to babble so I’ll sign off and go about my business. See yas later.

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