Friday Five Picto Post 10-12-07

It’s time for another Five Random Pics with explanatory blurbits from yours truly.

This is perhaps the most common Isaak tableau. He often hangs out in the bedroom either on the bed (crouched down behind a blanket fold or what he perceives as a blanket fold) or in the cat bed and always always, he’s hunkered down looking out the door. The Little Kitty? She’ll sleep on her head until you come right up and practically sit on her but Isaak is always on the alert. Always looking out. Because you never know when Zee Germans are going to up and give you grief and he wants to be prepared. Or something. Anyway the other day as I passed the bedroom I glanced in to see what kitties were on the bed. To my total expectations, there sat Mr. Glowy Eyes hunkered down and keeping his vigil. Then I thought to myself, “I need to take this pic and totally post it on my blog just to show everyone what a goofy cat he is.” So I did.

Isaak: He knows you’re out there.

We picked up this sake quite a while back because it amused us highly. G! Then we drank it (G!) and I’ve kept the bottle around ever since because I wanted to snap a pic and post it to my blog. This does not in any way fit with my attempted (and ongoing) decrapulation project so I decided to up and snap the pic already. G!

Heh. G. That cracks me up. What also cracks me up is all the frou frou writing on the bottle. It’s like some sort of fancy pants wine or something. Maybe a cross between a Victoria’s Secret ad and a fancy pants wine. From California. That wishes it were French. Surprisingly, it was really really good. I’d recommend it despite the pretense and despite its being American. And now that I have taken my pic and shown it to y’all I can chuck the bottle. Hallelujah.

Oooo SQUEEE! It’s the turtles blanket book! A friend of Badmovie’s made the cuuuuuutest turtles blanket and I’ve been coveting the book ever since. We had a bit of Amazon purchasing to do so I asked if TheMan would mind tacking on the crocheting book. He did and it arrived yesterday. SQUEEEEE!


This one is for Donald whose character in the Sunday game is a follower of Thor. I have no idea why someone spray painted a graffiti Thor on the sidewalk but I like to think of it as art imitating life steeped in fantasy. Someday I might go and get pics of all the strange little graffiti guys that crop up here and there but for now y’all will just have to settle for Thor.

Dangit, now I’ve got “When Captain America throws his mighty shieeeeeeeld” stuck in my head and I’m not sure Thor was ever in that cartoon. I blame Donald.

And finally the malignant building. This started out as a reasonable footprint of a building and then when they were about 75% done with the outside of the reasonable building, they started up an another part of the building. Then, when THAT part was well along with the construction, they started in on a third part. Then along came another part and another part and I’m not entirely sure they are done sticking on parts yet. It’s like when you give a kid a whole pot of Legos and tell him/her to build a building but leave them no instructions for it. I’m hoping they stop before they reach the street, otherwise there might be traffic flow issues.

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2 Responses to “Friday Five Picto Post 10-12-07”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    Hmm. Where is that building? There isn’t enough context visible for me to recognize the intersection.

  2. Boo Says:

    Ahhhh the price of progress. This is the new B-school building being built over the grave of the old B-school building so that might explain why you don’t recognize it. This new building that won’t stop being built (like the Winchester house for MBAs) is kitty corner from the Law School and right next to the Hill Street parking structure…if it hasn’t already absorbed it.

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