No Cool Lyrics In My Head

But I do have a weekend update!

Dammit, I can’t remember what we did Friday. I remember what we did not do and that was Warcraft. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you to sit down first. My bad. I don’t think we did any WoW (the game) on Thursday either because I was plum burned out on leveling. I was also tired of telling the guild peeps that I was leveling my alt on a time table three million bafuckingzillion times. Crimony. Every ten minutes one or the other of them would pipe up “Hey Boo! Can you take me through BRF?” or “Hey TheMan, can you take me through PTQ?” and we’d answer “No, we’re leveling Boo’s alt.”

“Hey TheMan! Let’s do SVW instance!”
“Boo! Wanna take my little guy through Swamp of Shut-up?”
“TheMan! Wanna do Budda-Bing?”
I’m! Helping! Boo! Level!
“Are you 40 yet Boo? We need you on your main so we can do Heroic Slop Fest.”
“Fuck off.”

I have no idea what was in the air but all our teen members were being teens to the point that I wanted to open a big can of SHUT-UP on them. Maybe it was the fact that all three were on at the same time and feeding off each other in the most irritating and negative way. Two of them aren’t that bad, really, and pretty enjoyable to hang with on their good days (and also they seem to be pretty cool kids who have the capacity to learn to be cool grown ups) but the third one. Oi. There is no hope for number three teen and he just winds the other two up until my head goes splody. More than once I left the chat channel just to have some peace and quiet.

Saturday we leveled my priestie some more (leveling!) and then we –

OH! I remembered what I did Friday! TheMan had a gig so I came home to an empty house and…read a book! I haven’t been in a reading mood all summer long but there was book two of a series I was reading just sitting there on my nightstand uneyeballed by myself. So I picked it up and left eyeball prints all over it. Mmmm, decedent.

– back to Saturday evening, we wandered over to an old Smithee peep and watched us some movies. The first one was Zombie Honeymoon and was about a sort of obnoxious couple who goes to the Jersey shore for their honeymoon. Their first day out, some decomposing dude wades out of the ocean, pukes zombification goo all over the husband and keels over dead. The husband does too but then he comes back. He spends the rest of the movie alternately eating people and trying to convince his wife that he still luuuuuuurves her. She not too keen about the people eating but darn it, she promised “until death do her part” so she stands firmly by her man. Which…didn’t death already did them part when he flat lined after getting zombie gooed? Maybe I’m just sort of heartless but if my husband took up eating people after being dead, I might go to the police with that bit of information. Sorry babe, I draw the line at faceplanting in the postman.

The second movie was one of those “take an Asian flick and add a small Caucasian overplot to it and package it as a new movie” flick. The Asian part was an incomprehensible string of random Kung Fu fights and there might have been something about stealing some uranium. The Caucasian part was more Catman (yea!) but only about 20 or so minutes of him and Gus fighting the Holy Cheever Church again. Badmovie theorized that they had leftover footage from the first movie and just stuffed it on top of a second movie. It was…also incomprehensible more or less but held together better than the Asian part. Is it bad to say that something had too little Catman? Because this movie certainly did.

We went home, we woke up Sunday, we played WoW (the game) like mad things. One more level until my priestie gets a beer ram!

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